CRM Ticketing System

Client Overview

Our client is a consulting company that serves the construction and real estate industry in New York City and has a varied customer base of building owners, property managers, architects, engineers and contractors. The demand for tracking a job or project is increasing day by day with the outnumbering of the outsourcing companies, and so, the client wanted a tool to track the progress of a job or project. Our client is one of the top companies in the Real Estate industry, which combines protection and technological innovation in the house rental and property market in Malaysia and serves customers like property owners, landlords and tenants.


Real Estate

Client Requirements

  • Enhanced features in the client’s web and mobile application.
  • Smooth transformation of their front-end from Thymeleaf framework to React.
  • Build an in-house Ticket Management System and CRM application to cut back prices and have several customized features as per the business needs.

Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications

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