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With presence in USA and India, Soft Suave is an award-winning company with wide technical know-how and extensive industry experience. We have clients from varied industries spread across the globe. We offer unique, client-oriented web development solutions.

Embedded / IoT / Hardware Services

Welcome to the IoT space, a world of connected things, communicating with each other, to a network, to the internet, and also capable to take actions. The IoT is a collective platform where we can connect everyday things which are embedded with either electronics, software or sensors to the internet, enabling them to send and receive data.

Soft Suave, with its expertise, has walked along with client’s roadmap to develop end-to-end IoT solutions & services.

    Soft Suave makes IoT happen with three components

  • Sensors and Devices
  • IoT Gateways
  • Mobile Applications

The way these three components are connected with each other gives rise to an IoT solution. Soft Suave's proficiency in embedded systems, cloud computing, and application development has helped clients in bringing IoT solutions to the market earlier than expected and in comparatively lesser cost.

What we deliver?

At Soft Suave, we implement innovative designs into every technology. As the home automation is emerging along with consumer technology, our technical experts design IoT application that allows you to sit back and control the operation of your home appliances through your mobile.

With our team's involvement in each project from the beginning, we deliver solutions that hold a greater value in the market.

IoT consulting

At Soft Suave, we work alongside our clients to analyze the technologies for the seamless connection between their devices. From there, we create end-to-end strategies to reduce cost and push efficiency to the maximum.

  • Requirement elicitation and technical analysis
  • Understand and evaluate the problem and its impact on the business to recommend on solution blueprint
  • BOM Cost Estimation

Wearable / IoT Design Services

Soft Suave has developed numerous wearable devices, connectivity gateways, Cloud-based tools and mobile apps for the IoT and M2M applications. Ease of use, sensor fusion, extremely small form factor, ultra-low power, short development time and competitive pricing are some of the highlights of our design!

Having worked in and out of above technologies, Soft Suave has expertise in designing IoT wearable devices for various applications. With our rich partner network, we can take care of complete product lifecycle from concept, design, prototyping, enclosure design, production, and maintenance through cross-platform development. Our attractive smooth designs have been well accepted by target customers and have given exceptional reviews.

Our embedded experts have experience in doing tremendous low power designs and associated ultra-small form PCBs for use in such wearable applications. Our coding skills along with deep knowledge of the core system help us create the best firmware that fits in the low capacity Flash and RAM memories.

We have developed intelligent algorithms on top of this device like Sleep detection, activity tracking, etc. Applying sensor integration technologies, we are able to cross-link capacities and enhance the accuracy of the data.

Soft Suave’s proven expertise in mobile app development helps to integrate the functionality of such devices with the smartphone enabling seamless operation of both.

Our device development services team has experience in designing following devices for our customers for deployment in the field.

  • ESP8266, nRF based BLE devices for tracker kind of applications
  • SIM800 based GPS devices for tracker kind of applications
  • SIM5320 based 3G/GPS devices for tracker kind of applications
  • 2.4GHz customized tracker in RF testing environment
  • Android Wear Technologies

Please contact us to discuss your IoT requirements and at attractive prices and short timelines.

Cloud computing

Soft Suave aims at helping businesses achieve digital transformation by leveraging the cloud platform capabilities to harness the potential in IoT connected sensors and devices. We help guide and support this journey and offer the following expertise and technology capabilities.

The cloud-based IoT platform enables companies to connect a variety of hardware-platform based devices, collect terabytes of data and send processed data to different cloud applications across various industries.

Soft Suave’s cloud services

The cloud and IoT have become two very closely affiliated future internet technologies with one providing the other a platform for success.

  • Integrating cloud with IoT to store big data that is being collected from various devices and thus achieving efficiency, accuracy, speed in implementing IoT applications.
  • Soft Suave leverages Amazon web services (AWS) and other well-known cloud service providers to provide customers with greater space which can increase as per the user’s demand. Helping to resolve the storage needs of customers. SIM800 based GPS devices for tracker kind of applications
  • Establishing the connection using an IoT Gateway to share information between the devices and make meaning from it at a fast pace.
  • Enabling pay-as-you-go facility for the users for buying greater or less storage. They can easily scale the storage as the data generated increases and pay for the amount of storage they consume.

Mobile application development

The way we experience and interact with devices is changing. More and more gadgets and devices are being added to the Internet of Things ecosystem every day. Soft Suave builds complete IoT solution which interconnects between these gadgets and devices to create remarkable, new user experiences.

Soft Suave has proved its competencies in UI/UX design, Native and Cross/ Hybrid App development in the following ways

  • Dedicated UI design team partners with customers for design thinking workshops
  • Business Use-Case discussion, Industry Analysis, End-User Analysis, Prototype design
  • Wireframe design and development: UI Screens, Icons, Control Elements, Infographic Elements, Animations and more
  • Experience in Android and iOS Native App development for home automation, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Healthcare and Wearable projects
  • Expertise in Apache Cordova for Cross-Platform App Development for IoT projects
  • Expertise in Java, JNI, Object C, Swift, HTML5, JQuery

    Soft Suave’s mobile app capability for IoT include

  • Ensuring secured communication between the cloud and the IoT gateway through
  • Our IoT Mobile App developers have project experience in MVP based app development method
  • IoT solution design workshops to collaborate application architecture development – database design, software modules, library and plug-in requirements, testing approach and testing tools requirements
  • Expertise in Agile Method of software development

Testing, Deployment & Maintenance

Multiple testing is performed based on the architecture of the IoT solution to ensure quality. We seamlessly integrate different IoT endpoints with platforms, back-end systems, and data promising Interoperability, High Availability, Scalability and, Security.

  • Ongoing Application Management
  • Support and Enhancements
  • Managed Services

Soft Suave’s solutions enable faster software maintenance with fewer resources, reduced time cycle and low defect rates.

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Soft Suave interfaces with clients to identify their requirement and accordingly, designs, develops and implements an integrated and
comprehensive IT or software based solution.

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