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A few words about our company

  • We are India based company that provides offshore software development solutions to the clients around the globe. We provide dedicated staff / teams to clients. We completely concentrate on java, google app engine, google apps script and around google.

  • We provide free consulting for research projects and do proof of concept for free.
+ One stop solution for all your Web and mobile services.

+ Website Applications.

+ Software Applications in java.

+ Android and IOS Mobile apps

+ 24/7 Online Availability.

+ Strong technology competency.


  • “I loved working with SoftSuave. Very good developers team, flexible, communicative. Will do it again.” —pbo75

  • “excellent, professional and everything as advertised. ” —westgate6000

  • “Great Working with SoftSuave. Very frequent updates.” —joseanes

  • “Extremely professional and proficient. Could not recommend SoftSuave highly enough” —techwriter918


We provide services in the following areas.

Web Technologies:

Java, J2EE, Google App Engine, HTML5 , CSS3, JavaScript, Flex

Mobile Technologies:

Android, IOS

JavaScript Frameworks:

JQuery, Ext JS, Google Apps Script, Google Maps, Bootstrap, Angular JS

Java Frameworks:

GAE, GWT, Ext-GWT, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Jersey, Objectify, Guice and Java Swings.

Database Platform:

MySQL, Postgre SQL and SQL Server

Operating Systems:

Windows and Linux.

Browser Plugins:

Chrome Extensions and Mozilla Extensions

Daily use.


Apache wicket framework

GWT framework





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Soft Suave Technologies Pvt Ltd,
Plot No. 10A, 1st Floor
Kundrathur Road
Chennai – 600122.
Contact: 044 - 65656222
Email: contact@softsuave.com