Soft Suave Celebrating 10 Years of Success: A Glimpse at Hilton

Soft Suave Technologies Celebrating 10 Years of Growth, Success, and Excellence. Heartfelt Congratulations to All Soft Suavians For Achieving This Ambitious Milestone!

10th anniversary celebration soft suave

“Nothing is more powerful than a balanced success, No storms dare to make it down”

This power updated for an organization if it stayed in a heavily competitive sector for a long time with a noteworthy position. Regardless of all the ups and downs, soft Suave reached this far only because of hard work, long-lasting passion, and a craving for success.

We are glad to announce that Soft Suave is celebrating its 10th year of a successful journey as one of the leading software development companies in India. Success itself just gives us a vibe of warmth and purpose. Even if we were not traveling with soft suave for the whole 10 years. We felt it. Because the success milestone is undoubtedly exceptional. So, Here we take a moment to share everything about the decennary success of Soft Suave and how we celebrated it.

As a developer outsourcing and a app development company in India, It’s difficult to stay for long in the IT sector. Because India is named for developer outsourcing all around the world. Even in the highly competitive environment, thanks to everyone who loved Soft Suave. Made us come this far.

“ Because losses may be unbearable sometimes. But staying in the position is fulfilling.”

SoftSuavians — A Company Becomes a Community

We proudly call ourselves Softsuavians. There’s a charm in this name If you know the meaning of “suave”. The company becomes a community as we follow certain work ethics. That habitually catching up everyone joined Soft Suave. The senior guidance to the team members, taking care of their juniors, can get help from anyone from any department, and the freedom to learn new technologies and execute them, I can say, is our blessed quality. 

And not to mention the employee benefits like Team lunch, Compensation benefits, and Extra Miles bonus that our Soft Suave provides. Tasty evening snacks and Monthly once fun activities are the best stress busters.

We cannot just be the employees who are paid to do the Jobs. Our management made it a mutual bonding, like a Family.

Your Idea is executed here if it’s valid, Your dedication is recognized, and You can Just be yourself and enjoy the Job with the regular learnings and experiments.

Managing Squad – Pure Alpha leaders

This Squad is one of a kind. If a team is managed by an Alpha. You can get the rest. Starting from Mr. Ramesh Vayavuru, The Founder & CEO. Many of our employees quoted on multiple occasions that his words drive them to make things work. His interest in technology, passion for the business, and Friendly management approach show caring and coaching at the same time. 

On the other hand, Our Co-founder & Managing Director Mr. Manohar Vayavuru. Managing Soft Suave’s technology evangelism efforts and working with its growing customer base, Mano focuses on mobile innovation to drive business outcomes. His inspiring speech at the celebration made everyone mind blown.

Next to the pack leaders, the most important people in the management sector who are experts in their job. The Project Manager Mr. Madhu, and Our HR Manager Mrs. Sudhendra Devi. These geeks never failed to warm us, take care of the business, fulfill both the business and employee needs, and manage the infinity of day-to-day administration issues.

Growing and Helps Grow

In Soft Suave, we believe in Company growth and employee growth are the same and should be in Healthy progress. This is one of the balanced growth many successful businesses follow Because it gives great benefits like Long-term loyal employees, trust in management, and Quality work results from both sides. Maintaining mutual relationships leads to beneficial business ideas and planning. Which is worthwhile for every Soft suavians.

Preparations For the Big Day

To celebrate the 10 years of success, Soft Suave planned to make it a huge celebration party. So, we booked one of the best skyscraper hotels in Chennai. 

The excitement started a month ago on the celebration day when our HR team kept updating us with the Anniversary celebration updates through Email, Preparations, and T-shirt giveaways.

More than waiting for the celebrations, designers were preparing the designs, Auditions going on for stage performances, and the marketing teams decorating the websites with “10th Anniversary” announcements and Social media posts. 

Thanks to our HR team, who prepared a lot of programs that surprised everyone on the Big Day.

Finally! The D-day

The day started with a late wake-up or maybe not for some early birds. By the way, the 10th Anniversary Celebration was held on 20.08.2022, at 3.00 PM in Hilton Chennai. 

The hall we booked was filled with every one of our employees with faces full of smiles and mixed waves of laughter. The Lights were off, with the little dim ray that made the whole auditorium a theater vibe. Who knows it will drastically change into the heavy party vibe later.

Game Time! - A little warm-up session

The warmup game show was conducted by the host before the arrival of Main Heads. The games are fun and relaxed for everyone. The simple game just made everyone work on a team to compete against the opposite, the host had no choice but to appreciate our teamwork and timely competency. 

Fun Activity in soft suave 10 anniversary

The second main game was so interesting that it made everyone get back to being a child, unconsciously guessing the numbers and having fun. After some time, the host included the CEO and managers also into the game. The huge waves of excitement and touches of laughter filled the auditorium.

Warm Wishes From Ex-employees

After the Arrival of the CEO, Co-Founder, Project managers, HR, Team Leads, and other important people from both Bangalore and Chennai, The HR team surprised everyone with their new try. They projected the Video messages from all the ex-employees, which brought back memories and they took some moments for the remembrances.

Awards and Appreciations

The Awards are beautifully categorized and named with trendy hooks that energized the crowd. The hyped-up sounds are made when their team gets awards. In between the awards and speech. Not to dip us fully with a motivational speech. Special performances were made by the dance crew. Well, they know the audience though!

Management Team of Soft suave

For the 5+ years crossed employees Along with the Award trophies with Photo frames, Gold also served to honor their hard work and dedication to the company.

Euphoric Performances on Stage

The dance performance by the organized dancers and Soft Suave performers was mind blown. The game show resumed with the Managers and CEO as Judges. It was one of the fun moments to remember forever.

10th Anniversary Celebration

It’s dinner time!

A delicious buffet set is arranged outside the auditorium with more than 15 varieties of foods with mixed cuisines. Having an appetizing dinner with colleagues, and friends, chattering, and teasing, the dinner place was filled with tasty smells and pep talks.

Wrapping up with some DJs and Boozes

After having a fulfilling Dinner, when we entered the Auditorium, the Vibe completely changed into DJ sounds, dances, chatters, and Alcohol talks. Everyone joined and danced to all of their favorite songs. There’s no stress, no busy life pressure, no responsibilities.

Dance in softsuave 10th anniversary

Just freeing their bodies and enjoying the moment is what we see in everyone’s eyes. It’s just the gift and blessings of all these years of Hard work.

It’s not the End, Welcome to the New beginning!

Stepping into the 10th year is one of the most heartwarming for even newly joined. Somehow, the Soft Suave theme color gives out a Vibe of something warm. Not because of the color but because of the environment. That gives this color meaning. Well, it’s not the end, It’s not like we are going to the peak. But we will do it anyway. This tenth year gives out the same feeling of warmth to every one of us. Leading us to a new beginning. We are always thankful for the dedicated employees, supportive management, and great clients. We welcome you all to the new beginning to explore and Join the freshness of the company’s balanced growth in Software Development and Outsourcing.