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Cloud Computing

To support the critical operations of your business, use cloud computing services which avail instant access to flexible and low cost IT resources. Say no to large upfront investments in hardware and start moving your data to the cloud as it acts as a virtual storage for all your data with limited investments. You can access as many resources as you require, almost rapidly, and just pay for what you use. Benefit by operating your IT services in a more simple and effective way by leveraging the cloud services.

Launching a product to market is critical in today's competitive environment. It is a must to build new, revenue-generating applications that will increase the business value. We are partnered with prominent cloud service providers which take you to the next level of your business with a wide range of services designed to help you develop the applications required to stay ahead of the curve.


Soft Suave in Cloud Computing


Responsive Cloud Application Development

Organizations are hurrying to adopt cloud computing to bring unparalleled flexibility in their businesses, improve access to their IT assets, and lower the costs of running the business. But to understand the potential of the cloud, you have to work with a trustworthy partner who knows to innovate things to work now in the short term and in the long term.

Soft Suave’s cloud computing Services allow you to make right decisions for your enterprise that drive quick results and give you the flexibility to grow your business. We promise to be your ideal cloud partner by seamlessly managing your data without any hassle.

Soft Suave offers its clients end-to-end application integration services through cloud computing services. We follow a strategic approach to fulfill your business needs by assessing the fundamental technology components such as infrastructure, applications, processes, policies, etc. and then deploying the suitable cloud computing modules. To benefit from cloud adoption, you need to transform your IT hardware infrastructure into virtual data in the cloud by being able to access it from anywhere at any time.

Our Approach

With our vast experience in cloud computing services, we can help you on this journey. Whether you are migrating legacy and enterprise systems to the cloud or looking for optimizing your business in the cloud environment, Soft Suave will serve you in the most suitable way that is relevant to your situation. Any service can be implemented smoothly if it follows a particular strategy. In the same way, Soft Suave with its expertise has built a cloud strategy for its clients to make full use of the cloud computing arena.

Private cloud or public cloud or hybrid

One of the most significant yet confusing decisions you have to make for your business is to choose the type of cloud. Our business consulting team sketches your requirements and suggests what is best for you.

Value your options and choose

Many enterprises are adopting cloud computing for cost-cutting and speed-to-market benefits. Understanding the purpose of shifting to the cloud is important to analyze the bandwidth needs. Our technology experts analyze our client’s idea and convert it into a real-time application.

Plan your budget

According to your bandwidth requirement, there will be a minimal investment required for adopting cloud. Our team will have an open discussion with you to choose a plan that fits your needs.


After we consider your needs, budget and resources available for it, we look at the best technology stack available for the task in the money that you have allocated for the cloud computing shift. Disaster Recovery, Backup, Test/Dev and other capabilities of the cloud are few interesting solutions set for organizations to choose from.

Our Cloud Computing Services

Cloud App Development

Soft Suave’s expertise in cloud computing has resulted in developing new cloud applications and migrating legacy applications using advanced technologies such as .NET, JEE, and LAMP

Migration to Cloud

Soft Suave enables automated cloud migration by integration with 3rd party tools. We allow enterprises to seamlessly migrate data into the cloud with minimal human customization. You can enjoy Powerful cloud benefits with minimal cost and delay.

Integration and Consolidation

With our expertise in the cloud and system integration, we can do a seamless integration of existing infrastructure and services with those of the private or public cloud. Soft Suave ensures that the merged infrastructure delivers the targeted business goals and meets the compliance requirements.

Cloud Security

Soft Suave offers cloud security services that are monitored 24*7 in any cloud environment. We customize managed cloud security services to meet the unique security and compliance needs of each organization.

Cloud Computing Model

Through an integrated approach, we have a unique ability for developing cloud-based applications. Making use of this potential, our clients streamline their business processes for effective and efficient use of innovative cloud service technologies. We provide on-demand, scalable and secure cloud solutions through our enterprise level cloud services.
The cloud computing models that we are expert in are:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Soft Suave provides enterprise mobility in the cloud by allowing flexibility in work through mobile SaaS software as well as an on-demand software platform for building, deploying and managing applications in the cloud.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

We deliver multi-tenant applications not depending on any platform thereby generating new opportunities for software development

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We involve in outsourcing the elements used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. Similar to the PaaS service model, the configuration of all elements is the responsibility of the provider with whom we have partnered with.

We Deliver solutions on the leading cloud platforms


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