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We are the market leaders in legacy application modernization services having unmatched development teams in USA & India. We help you revamp existing apps to future-proof your business success and transform your business it by making the shift from legacy systems to the cloud.

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Legacy Application Migration & Optimization

Wild adoption of digital platforms such as Android, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made the marketplace competitive. To bridge the gap between the current capability and client expectations, companies need to reconsider their business models, making them digital-ready. It is therefore crucial for companies to modernize their legacy systems, by embracing advanced technologies. Companies are making vast investments to update their legacy systems, aiming to lower costs, improving time-to-market, and adopting cutting-edge technologies to fulfill customer and market demands.

In the absence of adequate planning, and when the age and complexity of legacy systems are underrated, there is a significant risk of failure linked with system modernization. With our experience, we have performed several successful legacy modernization programs by leveraging latest technologies for constant upgrades and revisions to existing systems.

A legacy system is modernized for

  • Reducing costs since hardware and software of older systems are expensive to maintain
  • Simplifying the system as old systems are complex and inflexible
  • Developing sophisticated software applications to succeed in business

Soft Suave in Legacy Modernization Services

Our IT modernization services help companies cut down excessive operating costs—reducing principal expenditure and releasing staff for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives. We propose ideas to decide on whether to migrate, re-platform or remediate legacy systems.

Eventually, we embrace values from existing applications and modernize to newer applications while reducing costs, limiting disruptions and decreasing risk. The outcome transforms legacy applications to achieve high performance.

With Soft Suave’s Application Modernization services, a detailed investigation of your applications is done to the most elementary level. Through our understanding, our experts will deliver you a complete report about your applications - including our recommendations specifying which application to re-code, renew, replace, retire, re-platform, re-engineer, and re-architect. With this, you can lower your costs and release resources.

Our Legacy Modernization Services

Application Re-hosting

Your enterprise applications support your business. But it so happens that most of the times they’re locked away within a complex IT infrastructure, and if your applications are stuck on outdated architectures, it will lack flexibility and you cannot build for the future.

Re-hosting or application migration represents safe and cost-effective modernization. It is the key to explore the value of your core business systems, lowering your total cost of ownership and delivering applications with new feature faster. Read more...

Soft Suave is the industry leader in application re-hosting. Our expertise in delivering fast, easy, and cost-effective application modernization, supported by high-quality, proven technology, is incomparable.

We can assist you with every phase of your re-host journey. Join us to re-host and refresh your application architecture to build for the future. ...Show less

Application Re-architecture

Organizations have those tailor-made applications running on legacy systems, after implementing application modernization and cutting-edge technologies, you will improve your competitive advantage in the market while reducing functional costs and IT intricacy.

Soft Suave’s application re-architecting is an established procedure to guard your business logic and application assets during conversion to a modern architecture. Our patented IP manages all project phases like data migration, code generation, design and analysis of current, and new application states. Read more...

If your company lacks in business agility and increases the backlog of requests, application re-architecture can transform things to a great extent. Enjoy the benefit of having an agile architecture that permit your business to grow continuously, adapt quickly, and respond whenever there is a business demand like cloud computing, virtualization and mobile deployment.

We can assist you with every phase of your re-host journey. Join us to re-host and refresh your application architecture to build for the future. ...Show less

Application Modernization

Your company has invested a great deal of time and energy in developing these applications to meet your specific business needs. With the Soft Suave’s Application Modernization service, you can take that additional step to enhance durability, usability, functionality, and availability.

Whatever challenge you have faced for undertaking a mainframe modernization project, Soft Suave has the skills and experience to guide you on your journey by giving you the right suggestions. Together with our expert partners, we provide a complete range of business and technology requirements. Starting from initial discussions to modernization delivery, we provide constant support during the migration. Soft Suave combines a best-in-class modernization service with global delivery. Read more...

We guarantee that your currents applications meet the ever-changing business demands by improved user experience, workflows, and integration of all systems. Our goal is to assist you in growing and making a profit out of your existing application without any disturbing your business. ...Show less

Strategic Modernization Roadmap

Legacy systems are bulky, complex and expensive to maintain, and modernized platforms equip your applications better for flexible and cost-effective growth.

Your modernization journey needs to have a clear start and also require an understanding of the end goal. Soft Suave’s Strategic Modernization Roadmap services allow you to evaluate your existing state, your needs, and your end result through the implementation of a transformation roadmap. Read more...

Our strategic modernization approach includes 3 phases: discovery, analysis and planning. Understanding the applications, databases and processes that run in your data center now and mapping out a modernization strategy for the future. ...Show less

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