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  • Strict NDA to ensure privacy

  • Save 60% on development cost

  • Flexible Hiring (Fixed cost, Full time or Hourly)

  • Agile/DevOps Process

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What Do Our DevOps Experts Do?

We provide the most reliable DevOps developers who are committed to improve the quality of code, undertake continuous integration, and deliver faster. Our fast-paced development and quicker time-to-market have helped numerous clients across the world to make their solutions global.

Enterprise DevOps Solutions

Enterprise DevOps Solutions

Our offshore DevOps developer can effectively manage your entire management tasks through scalable enterprise solutions. Be it performance optimization, release management, new server setup, or change management, we have a solid workflow for continuous delivery and deployment for these tasks.

Dedicated DevOps Developers

Dedicated DevOps Developers

We help you to minimize the incidents of failures, rollbacks and get strong source control, and elasticity in cloud computing. Also, we attain better scalability and availability of your DevOps infrastructure by executing top cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

DevOps PAAS(Platform-AS-A-Service)


Implementing a framework to develop, customize and deploy apps for our client's business needs related to API management, seamless integration, strategy execution, and support across multi-cloud environments. Also, our developer's knowledge makes sure continuous DevOps software development services.

DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

Our DevOps specialist's automation services include installing, configuring servers, and establishing communication across different software. Also, we take care of security, testing, operations, integration, and development pipelines to ensure top-class codes and speed up your software operations.

DevOps Consultation

DevOps Consultation

Streamline and boost your development process by partnering with our strong consulting team. We have helped many businesses to bring DevOps from designing, assessment, development, overall management, implementation to automation.

DevOps Configuration & Integration

Configuration & Integration

Our team of skilled programmers offers comprehensive configuration management and integration solutions. We improve your IT structure by utilizing components such as Artifact, source code repository, and continuous CI/CD integration with Jenkins, Azure DevOps Server.

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Flexible Hiring Models to Hire DevOps Engineers with Soft Suave

Our hiring models are designed specially to suit the needs of startups and SMBs. Hence, they are both affordable and adjustable. You can leverage those hiring models to hire the most talented DevOps developers in India with diverse portfolios under your budget.

Part-time hiring


Duration: 4 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week (80 Hrs/Month)

Billing: Monthly

Timeline: Based on Project

Full-time hiring


Duration: 8 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week (160 Hrs/Month)

Billing: Monthly

Timeline: Based on Project

Milestone hiring


Duration: 8 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week

Billing: Weekly/Daily/Monthly

Timeline: Based on Project

Explore Our DevOps Technology Competence

Our certified DevOps development team uses advanced technologies that aid us in delivering creative & innovative custom solutions. Also, we help in increasing Ops alignment to business goals, improve Business Agility, reduce cost over time, and much more.

  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

  • OpenStack


  • Cloud Foundry

    Cloud Foundry

  • Rackspace


  • Apache JMeter

    Apache JMeter

  • Cucumber


  • QASymphony


  • ReSharper


  • RSpec


  • Sauce Labs

    Sauce Labs

  • SE


  • Sonarqube


  • TestRail


  • React


  • Angular


  • Node.js


  • Vue.js


  • Meteor


  • AWS CloudWatch

    AWS CloudWatch

  • ELK Stack

    ELK Stack

  • New Relic

    New Relic

  • AppDynamics


  • Sensu


  • CakePHP


  • Codeigniter


  • Flutter


  • Ionic


  • Laravel


  • Objective-C


  • React


  • Swift


  • WordPress


  • Xcode


  • Yii2


  • Zend


  • Firebase


  • Mongodb


  • Mysql


  • PostgreSQL


Benefits of Outsourcing Services to Our DevOps Engineers

Soft Suave's dedicated DevOps developers help you align your development and operations to achieve higher efficiency, increased agility, improved deployment quality, and quicker product cycles to have an edge over your competitors.

Why Choose Us
Highly Creative & Motivated Teams

Highly Creative & Motivated Teams

Our DevOps development team bring valuable technical expertise, insights, and knowledge to projects.

Transparency & Integrity

Transparency & Integrity

We use Skype, Slack, and other useful communication tools to report your complete project status details regularly.

Quality & Security Adherence

Quality & Security Adherence

We follow strict privacy, security measures and sign an NDA agreement to achieve absolute secrecy.

Hassle-free Project Management

Hassle-free Project Management

Our trusted project managers take care of all the project management issues and keep you updated.

Result-Driven Approach

Result-Driven Approach

Our highly experienced DevOps professionals deliver constant results by an effective development approach.

Innovation is Guaranteed

Innovation is Guaranteed

With 9+ years of experience, our developers implement innovative strategies, integrations, adoption solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs our clients frequently ask.

The cost will be based on features, processes used in the development. Other factors include functionalities, integration, and how complex the App is, but we assure you the price will be within your budget.

A solid DevOps outsourcing service would,

  • Improve ROI
  • Enhance collaboration between business, Dev, and Ops teams
  • Detect defects and helps to render faster correction
  • Give more time to focus on improving service quality
  • Ensure faster time to market

Hiring a great DevOps engineer/team will prove to be the best investment you make. They can optimize the smooth running of the entire system and quickly respond to issues as they arise. Also, incorporating DevOps practices aid to deliver products faster.

That depends on the budget you have and what are your requirements. However, to get an accurate estimate, consult our DevOps consultants now.


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