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Hire First-class AngularJS Developers from Soft Suave

Soft Suave offers the best AngularJS developers in India for reliable, secure and scalable web application development. You can hire our AngularJS developers on a monthly and full-time basis and save up to 60% on the development cost. Our developers stay updated with all the latest technologies and ensure to deliver robust solutions at an economical price. When you hire the best AngularJS developers in India from Soft Suave, you get dedicated developers that leverage the latest web frameworks to develop impeccable solutions. We offer complete flexibility to test our developers and hire the best resource that fits your business need and budget. Moreover, you can directly control your developers throughout the project.

AngularJS developers from Soft Suave are technically sound to handle a wide array of Angular development services for clients worldwide. Hiring offshore AngularJS developers from Soft Suave is simple and cost-effective. Because our developers are highly skilled, possess good communication skills, deliver timely results, and save a lot of cost on development. In addition, our developers are highly experienced and have a proven track record of delivering hundreds of successful projects, on-time and on-budget.

Hire AngularJS Developers from Soft Suave

Why Choose Soft Suave

choose soft suave for angularjs development

At Soft Suave, our developers are committed to clients and are dedicated to achieving clients’ business goals. The developers’ expertise and experience in AngularJS keep Soft Suave one step ahead of our competitors.

  • Free 1-week trial:

    Sign-up and test our developers with a free 1-week trial. Choose the best from a pool of 250+ top-ranked AngularJS developers in India.

  • Flexible hiring:

    We have three hiring models, and you are free to hire our AngularJS developers according to your custom needs.

  • Less time to market:

    Our developers are highly-talented to bring your product to market at less time compared to our competitors.

  • Direct control:

    Hire dedicated developers from Soft Suave to manage their tasks directly and reap the rewards instantly.

Soft Suave’s AngularJS Development Services

Dedicated developers from Soft Suave provide a wide range of AngularJS app development services with the help of cutting-edge technologies. We never compromise on the quality of our services at any cost and strive to provide first-class solutions for your business needs.

Custom AngularJS Development Company Soft Suave

Custom AngularJS Development

Soft Suave is renowned for custom AngularJS development. The expertise of the developers works handy to bring your custom requirements to working solutions.

Ajax Development Company Soft Suave

Ajax Development

Our developers are competent and have vast hands-on experience in Ajax development. We give a 100% guarantee to solve any complex client-side programming issues with Ajax.

Web API Service Integration Soft Suave

Web API Service Integration

World-class developers from Soft Suave have the ability to integrate any 3 rd party APIs into your web apps without any errors and data leakage.

UI/UX Development Company Soft Suave

UI/UX Development

Our developers at Soft Suave excel in designing and developing eye-catching UI/UX. Moreover, AngularJS supports the developers’ expertise by offering interactive app development features.

AngularJS Consulting Services Soft Suave

AngularJS Consulting

Soft Suave has highly-experienced senior AngularJS developers that offer consulting and offer you the best and cost-effective AngularJS development according to your requirement.

AngularJS Maintenance Support Services Soft Suave

AngularJS Maintenance Support

Developers at Soft Suave focus not only on providing world-class AngularJS services but also offer AngularJS maintenance and support at any time.

Use our Hiring Model and Set-up a Cost-effective Development Team.

Hiring models at Soft Suave are designed to help clients save costs and get quality development services. Hire AngularJS developers from Soft Suave if you prefer a cost- effective hiring solution.

Hire Angular Developers Full-time from Soft Suave



40 - 50 hours per week

Hire Angular Developers Part-time from Soft Suave



20 - 30 hours per week

Hire Angular Developers from Soft Suave



Based on requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

How much does it cost to hire an Angular Developer?

Soft Suave offers India’s top-ranked Angular developers for accomplishing your business needs. You can hire the most talented and dedicated Angular developers at $12/hour, which changes depends upon the developers' expertise and experience.

What are the pricing models you offer?

Soft Suave crafts pricing models considering the needs of the clients. Here are a few cost-effective pricing models we offer;

  • Full-time basis
  • Part-time basis
  • Milestone basis

What development process do you follow?

Soft Suave has immensely talented resources, which gives us the flexibility to follow the development process that fits the business needs of the client. The two commonly used process is Agile and DevOps.

How do I test your Angular developers expertise?

Our past successful projects show our excellence. Moreover, if you want to test our top-ranked developers, Soft Suave is open to receive test tasks and prove the expertise and experience of its Angular developers.

Did I own the code authority of the project?

We at Soft Suave give priority to our client’s needs. We show great interest in writing and running codes for you while you have complete ownership over the codes.

Do you provide NDA Signed Document for my project?

Yes. Soft Suave gives importance to the client’s ideas and data. Thus, NDA is the first and foremost step we follow to start the development process. Moreover, our process is transparent to clients.


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