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Why Go Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform mobile development refers to the development of a single mobile application that will be feasible to design and can be used on both iOS and Android.

  • The cross-platform approach reduces mobile app development costs by 30% to 40% compared to native apps.

  • It facilitates in creating a single codebase for both android and iOS and speeds up delivery.
  • It also makes the enhancement of the application functionality easy.

Cross Platform App Development Company

Soft Suave is a renowned Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Company that caters to the unique needs of the clients using platforms like Flutter, PhoneGap, HTML5, Ionic and Xamarin to name a few.

At Soft Suave, we focus on developing mobile applications that are compatible with all major platforms while offering similar functionalities related to each platform. The modern mobile market offers several mobile devices with various screen sizes, specifications, and different platforms. Therefore, our Cross-platform app development services ensure unmatched cross-platform apps that not only fits into all mobile devices and platforms offered in the market but also saves time, cost and allows code reusability.

Customer-Centric Solution

Soft Suave understands enterprises’ needs and so we choose the best technology stack and enable clients to accomplish their business goals swiftly.

Customized App Solution

Soft Suave shapes your app with customized design & functionalities, which makes it easy and convenient for the end-users.

Cost-effective Solution

Soft Suave strives to develop mobile applications for Startups and SMBs, so we put ourselves flexible for any requirements.

our cross-platform application development process

Our Cross Platform App Development Capabilities

We have expertise in working with contemporary cross platform technology stacks such as

  • Xamarin
  • Phone Gap
  • React Native
  • Ionic Framework
  • Native Script


Among the frameworks that facilitate cross platform application development, Xamarin proves to be different as it offers the single language of C# as well as runtime that works well on several mobile platforms. Applications created using Xamarin provide a complete native feel and look. Writing one C # code base that has access to every feature available for native SDK is the added advantage. Xamarin is among the leading frameworks today for Microsoft when it comes to building cross platform apps. Know More

Why Choose Us

Soft Suave interfaces with clients to identify their requirements and accordingly, designs, develops and implements an integrated and
comprehensive IT or software based solution.

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Awards & Certifications

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