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Our Android Application Development Process

We are a trustworthy Android development company operating for more than 9 years. Our personalized service towards every client makes us an ideal choice, and we offer this wide array of Android services.

Custom Android App Development Company Soft Suave

Custom Android App Development

In the smartphone era, Android dominates its contemporaries by a mile thus making it the most used mobile phone platform in the world. Having a custom made android application for your business is probably the best way to reach the digital masses thanks to the huge user base of Android mobile phones spread across the globe.

At Soft Suave, we follow a comprehensive Android application development process to provide you an app that will help you in scaling your business to greater heights. We have vast experience and technical knowledge to develop Android apps that will be well received by the global Android user Community.

Android App UX/UI Designing Company by Soft Suave

Android App UX/UI Design

UX/UI is the most important component of an app as it enables the user to interact with the application. No matter how good the service offered by your business, UX/UI plays a huge role in shaping the first impression for your business.

The team at Soft Suave know the value of first impressions and we feel it is everlasting, this is what prompts us to create UI/UX that lets the user navigate through the app with ease. We got some of the most creative minds on board who will create some of the best designs to keep the users hooked to the app.

Android App Consulting Company by Soft Suave

Android App Consulting

Consultation service is one of the most important things to do before starting out on anything. Our Android application team will sit down with you, understand your business requirements before getting on the drawing board. We will do a complete research and this will help us in providing the best consulting service possible.

The team here at Soft suave will consider all the factors such as the feasibility of the project, your requirement, budget and the scope of the application in order to help you better. Our consultation service is designed to create an everlasting impression on you as well as your business.

Android App Support & Maintenance Company by Soft Suave

Android App Support & Maintenance

If there can be something more important in digitizing your business other than the application development, it is providing support and maintenance to the developed app. We work round the clock to provide support and maintenance service for your Android application.

Even if our time zones overlap, our support team will be ready to burn the midnight oil for you. We also maintain your Android app and ensure that it never goes outdated as we consider a well maintained application is the engine that drives an online business. As part of maintenance, our team will add new features whenever required to keep the app feature rich always.

Android App Test Automation Company Soft Suave

Android App Test Automation

Testing of any product before its launch is a must and an Android application is no exception to this rule. Testing the app makes sure it is free from bugs and is ready for the usage of your customers. Bugs can play spoil spot for your business by bringing down the user experience so we make sure to eliminate them all.

Our testing team employs the best frameworks to perform automation testing on your Android application to make it a point that the app leaves the testing phase bugfree. We prefer automation testing to manual testing as it is more reliable and faster to execute.

Apple TV App Development Company by Soft Suave

Android App Modernization

Technology keeps evolving with every day and it is essential to keep the application updated with the latest trends. Android app modernization will help your app keep itself up to date with latest technological trends. Modernization of your existing application will reduce your operational expenses and provide you a great ROI.

Our Android application developers will go through the entire architecture and logic of your existing app. After a thorough review, they will work on incorporating the necessary changes to it and make it adapted to the latest trends. The entire process is hassle free as we only make the required changes and not the ones that are unnecessary.

Android Application Development Technologies We Use

Developers from Soft Suave are expert and have hands-on experience in the following technologies

  • Kotlin Development Company by Soft Suave
  • Java application development company soft suave
  • XML development company by Soft Suave
  • Aws
  • Azure
  • GoogleCloud
    Google Cloud
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  • SQLite Development Company by Soft Suave

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