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Here is a list of answers to all the frequently asked questions regarding services and solutions offered by Soft Suave.

Soft Suave is dedicated to offering start-ups and SMBs worldwide with several Custom App Development solutions. We are also expert in outsourcing developers to lead cutting-edge projects with the latest technologies.

Soft Suave has two development centres (Chennai and Bangalore) in India and one sales office in Maryland, USA.

Soft Suave works five days a week, i.e., 40 hours/week. However, we are available for our clients anytime to extend our genuine support.

You can reach out to Soft Suave anytime via email, phone and instant chat.

Soft Suave houses the top app developers in India who are expert in developing apps for all the leading industry verticals.

Soft Suave is a team of 400+ skilful developers well-versed in new-age technologies to develop ground-breaking web and mobile apps. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to offer digital transformation and revolutionize the digital world with astounding development skills.

The core competencies of Soft Suave includes;

  • Top-notch and reliable Web and Mobile App Developers
  • successful custom projects

Soft Suave is flexible to acknowledge your standards and app development methodologies to establish a successful and market-winning project. Our developers are open to work according to your plans if the project requirements are met on time.

The price factor that makes development affordable for start-ups and SMBs is among the few uniqueness of Soft Suave.

Soft Suave starts any project by signing an NDA as we prioritize the confidentiality of the client’s information. Then we offer the right project plan according to the client’s requirement. After approval and payment, our development team will start the project accordingly. After project completion, the source codes belong to the client.

Soft Suave’s development methodologies are transparent. If you have any suggestions or concerns, you can reach the dedicated project manager to resolve them quickly. Moreover, if you hire dedicated web or mobile app developers, you can directly oversee, manage, and assign tasks.

The productivity is determined by the development process approved by you during the start of the project. However, if you face any unanticipated issues and want to make immediate changes, our development team will be open and flexible. As we are transparent, you have the privilege to monitor the development phases.

Every software development process has some issues in the background. However, Soft Suave has covered all the drawbacks of developing offshore with the help of an experienced development team. Communication and privacy are the primary concerns of clients worldwide. In addition, Soft Suave has developers that excel in communication, and we assure NDA before we start the project.

Yes! You can use our “Free Quote Form” to get a rough estimation for your web and mobile app development idea.

Yes! Our development team is focused on offering satisfactory service to clients worldwide. You can start a pilot with us for a minimal cost or at zero cost, and then upon successful completion, you can hand over your big-scale project.

To create a proposal, Soft Suave needs to understand your project requirements. Hence, we will need technical documents, specifications, and design documents you have prepared about your project.

An estimate means a rough number on the time period and cost of project completion.

An estimate gives you a rough idea about your project cost and duration. However, a proposal will state details about the project specifications, development methodologies, schedule of the project, and deliverables, including time and cost.

The client has to be associated with the project and must be available to clarify any doubts related to the app development project. Moreover, clients have to be transparent in sharing feedback with the team at regular intervals.

Yes, Soft Suave provides post-development support free of cost for a limited period as a part of project contact. However, we also offer a special contract to extend the post-development support for a lifetime or according to your feasibility.

Soft Suave has a confidentiality agreement in place for every member of our development team. Moreover, our team is matured and dedicated to respective clients. Thus we assure that they will never risk their professional integrity by misusing client’s data.

We give guaranteed free support for a limited period after the final delivery. After which, you can sign a monthly or quarterly contract and continue to get ongoing support.

We sign NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with the client before we start to gather project requirements. We also have a confidentiality agreement with our development team to ensure your information is safe and secure with Soft Suave.

Yes! We have a great rapport and long-term relationship with many of our clients. We are renowned among them as a reliable app development partner with cost-effective and high-quality app development solutions. You can check their testimonials for any references.

Soft Suave is an ISO 9001-2015 certified mobile app development company that strictly follows the international app development process and methodologies. Most importantly, our developers are highly experienced and have immense expertise in handling high-quality project in almost all the industry verticals.

Yes. We do not shy away from accepting challenging projects from your clients. We also have experience working with renowned consulting companies around the world. So, we assure your client’s projects will be safe and successfully delivered with Soft Suave.

Hiring dedicated resources from Soft Suave is effortless. All you have to do is share your resource requirement. Then, we will share relevant profiles of pre-screened developers. You can then conduct interviews and onboard them as soon as you want them on your offshore team.

Soft Suave operates from two development centres in Chennai and Bangalore. We also have a sales office in Maryland. Moreover, our developers are proficient enough to handle any complex tasks; hence we do not subcontract any of our works.

Once the payment is completed, you can onboard dedicated developers from Soft Suave anytime, according to your project timeline.

All the developers at Soft Suave are proficient to understand and speak English. However, if you want our developer to understand any other international language, we will assign a dedicated Lead/ Business Analyst to bridge the communication gap between you and the developer.

We do not have any fixed contract at Soft Suave. However, we have flexible agreements to offer clients based on the project requirements.

We accept payments through credit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Yes, when you hire dedicated developers from Soft Suave, they will 40 hours a week dedicated only to you.

Yes, we have three flexible hiring models to help clients accomplish projects successfully. And, project-based is one of the most popular models chosen by clients.

Yes, we have a price list for our developers based on their expertise and experience. However, based on your requirement, we will share our developer profiles along with the exclusive price.

When you hire dedicated developers from Soft Suave, you get the privilege to communicate and monitor projects directly. You can communicate with the developers through Skype, Slack, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. You can also monitor our developers with project management tools like Jira, Trello, Teamwork, and Basecamp.

Absolutely! We have a confidentiality agreement signed with clients to safeguard the data and business concepts shared with us. As privacy is our primary concern, we also have strict confidentiality agreements with all our developers.

Client satisfaction is our No.1 priority. Hence, if you are dissatisfied with any resources, Soft Suave will step in and replace the resource with another expert resource that fits your project.

The client decides the reporting process of the work before the project starts. However, we send the timesheets on a weekly basis for the client’s perusal.

Soft Suave provides the top application developers in India at an affordable cost. We also offer flexible hiring models focused on helping start-ups and SMBs. Soft Suave also allows you to leverage the free 1-week trial to test the dedicated developers on your business and then hire accordingly.

All the planned leaves are informed prior to the client and taken after consideration with the client. Sick leaves or any leaves pertaining to any medical emergencies will be reported to you by the respective TL. Furthermore, Soft Suave has a standard notice period for each employee to ensure a smooth transition happens along with the right amount of knowledge transfer.

Outsourcing your projects and developer requirements to Soft Suave helps you reduce cost, save time and increase the quality of your app development.

Soft Suave provides the top web and mobile app developers in India at an affordable cost. We also offer flexible hiring models focused on helping start-ups and SMBs. Soft Suave also allows you to leverage the free 1-week trial to test the dedicated developers on your business and then hire accordingly.

Yes, your offshore team will hand over all the source codes and other documents to the respective client.

Yes, the factors mentioned above will impact the billing rate of the developers. However, we assure you the costs will never pinch your pockets.

Soft Suave is focused on delivering enterprise-level success. Be it one developer or a development team; we are here to help you accomplish your dreams effortlessly.

Yes, we deploy dedicated resources to work onsite depending on the client and project requirement. However, we will follow a different engagement model and agreement.

Yes, Soft Suave would be elated to work on your pilot project for free or minimal amount. However, it depends on the scope and requirement of the project.

Yes, our dedicated developers at Soft Suave are flexible to overlap your time zones according to the project's necessity.

When you build your own offshore team, you get the privilege to meet them in person to build trust and rapport. Executives at Soft Suave would also be happy to host you at our development centres in India.

We have standby developers to fill in your requirement immediately. However, if you want to conduct an interview and onboard our pre-screened developers, the lead time will change accordingly.

If you want to terminate a contract before the original period, you have to give a one-month notice so we can make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Soft Suave has expert developers who have hands-on experience working in the following mobile and web technologies like; Native iOS, Android, Cross-platform, PHP, .NET, Java, Ionic, Python, ROR, ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular, Magento, and WordPress.

We are open to working on any requirement, be it complex or challenging. So get in touch with us and share your needs; we have got you covered.

Yes, we offer technical support and maintenance post-deployment at free of cost and charge only a minimum for any distinct support and maintenance projects.

Client data privacy and confidentiality is our priority. Hence, we will sign NDA documents sent according to your convenience.

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