Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development for Owners : A Beginner’s Guide

Check out this beginner guide to developing custom real estate CRM software for your realtors to achieve growth.

custom real estate crm software development

CRM is the fastest-growing software market today. According to Grand View Research, the market is expected to reach $80 billion by 2025. CRM offers several benefits to businesses and it is hard to find a business that does not use CRM software in 2021.
CRM helps in managing the client base and saves time for business owners. Popular CRM solutions like HubSpot CRM and Salesforce CRM are the best in the business, offering exceptional CRM functionalities to all industries. These solutions make custom CRM software development inevitable.

CRM and Real Estate:

Buying a house is a lifetime dream for many. Moreover, it is one of the biggest investments they will even make in their lives. Thus, the relation between realtors and customers is critical. CRM acts as a bridge between the relators and customers and makes relationship management simple and fruitful.
Real Estate is not an exception from the list of industries that CRM solutions benefit from. Besides, Real Estate is going through a transition phase where investing in CRM is the only way to achieve growth.
CRM software empowers real estate agents to build a competitive advantage and increase sales effortlessly. Furthermore, it prioritizes customer servicing and better management.

Top 6 Benefits of CRM App for Real Estate:

Customer Relationship Management enables real estate owners to stay at the top of the customer’s needs. It helps in understanding the ever-changing trend, manage pipelines, and improve communication within the organization.
Below are the top six benefits of the Real Estate CRM App;

Maintain Accurate Information:-

CRM allows real estate agents to maintain accurate information. It also records the communication that happens between the customer and the agent via email and SMS in the database to extend transparency.
Salespeople are known to sugarcoat the terms and conditions while selling a property. Furthermore, using CRM will reduce unwanted conversations, maintains accurate information, elevates transparency, and registers genuine business.

Improve Follow-ups:-

Follow-ups are one of the crucial factors that decide if a deal succeeds or fails. Marketing campaigns and sending click-bait emails are not enough to convince customers in the real estate business. Real estate professionals should do periodical follow-ups to push customers to take that final step of signing the agreement.
CRM acts as the most perfect tool that allows your estate agents to track the customers and follow up based on the requirement. Moreover, it lets the real estate salespersons set reminders, follow-up with potential clients, and store details of the communication.

Improves Employee Productivity:-

CRM apps are designed and developed primarily to improve the efficiency and productivity of employees. Realtors in the past faced several challenges to update information about the client and their requirements into a CRM tool.
However, modern-day CRM tools are portable and offer on-the-go cloud solutions. Besides it is proven that CRM tools that offer convenience to agents increase productivity.

Manage Leads Effectively:-

Leads are the essence of the Real Estate business. The life of real estate agents becomes challenging if the leads are scattered on various platforms like portals, websites, and social media. However, CRM is a tool that helps you to manage leads effectively.
It stores all the details in the single and most secure platform and gives you access whenever needed. As customers today expect a quick and accurate response, CRM software helps you to respond promptly with accurate information.

Close Deals Quickly and Easily:-

Success in the real estate sector means closing deals quickly and easily. However, it is a challenging task. When you have your own mobile apps for the real estate business the process becomes simple and quick. Likewise owning a CRM tool doubles your chances of sealing the deal quickly.
An effective CRM tool will store customer data, track leads, and offer valuable inputs for agents to close the deals easily.

Workflow Tracking:-

Workflow tracking is the best way to increase productivity in 2021. CRM apps track the workflow of the agents and help you analyze the gaps in the workflow and fix them. Besides, you can even track and measure the progress of each stage to find various ways to fasten the work and satisfy the customers.
From saleable area discussion to finalizing the decision, CRM apps can track all the progress. This allows real estate owners to stay updated about the progress of the business and offer valuable suggestions towards winning the customers and closing the deal seamlessly.

3 Important Reasons to Develop Custom CRM Software:

Building CRM from scratch is challenging. Thus know your reasons clearly before starting your custom CRM software development. To make it easier for you below are three important reasons why you should consider developing a custom CRM software;

  • Reliable & Perfect Solution
  • Business Process Improvement
  • High Scalability

Types of CRM Softwares for Real Estates:

CRM software has different roles according to industries. So, if you are a real estate owner looking to build CRM software for your business, you have to clearly understand the roles your CRM tool should play in your business.
Below are three types of CRM software that is commonly used in Real Estate;

  • Operational CRM – This CRM streamlines and automates sales, customer service, and marketing workflows.
  • Analytical CRM – This CRM intakes lots of data and processes them into insights, statistics, and analytics.
  • Collaborative CRM – This type of CRM improves communication and teamwork.

Must-have Features in Real Estate CRM:

The features in the CRM decide the success of your real estate business. Here are a few must-have CRM features that will make your sales process faster and effective.

Real Estate CRM Software Features & Functionalities

  • Email Marketing
  • Contacts Management
  • File Sharing
  • Task Management
  • Pipeline View
  • Report Generation
  • Invoicing
  • Custom Reports
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Mobile Version

Guide to Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development:

To develop a custom real estate CRM software, you need to follow a guide that will help you in successful development. Here are the 3 steps as follows;

Consolidate and Confirm Your Custom Features:-

Identify the set of features that will guide your real estate business towards success and consolidate them. Share them with the best Real estate CRM app development company and get a cost estimation. Clarify if they will be able to bring your idea into a fully functional CRM app.


Decide CRM Roles:-

CRM software has several roles. They are marketing, sales, and support. Therefore, figure out your real estate’s core business and share your requirement based on that role that fits your business.

Decide SAAS Platform or Software:-

SAAS is a fast-growing market that is taking over several industries. Thus, decide between SAAS or Software considering the future growth of your business.

Best Real Estate CRM Software Development Partner:

Researching is the best way to find the right real estate CRM software development company. However, to make the process easier, you can get in touch with Soft Suave – the leading web and mobile app development company in India that offers CRM solutions to various industry verticals.
The experienced Development team at Soft Suave leverages the new-age technologies to build versatile CRM software for Real Estate companies in the world. Moreover, the developers are tech-driven to transform custom real estate requirements into groundbreaking Real Estate solutions.

Wrapping Up:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is the need of the hour for Real Estate businesses. Custom CRM solutions not only elevate your business experience but also increases your chances of succeeding in the real estate market.
Choosing the best real estate CRM software development company will pave way for successful development and 10X growth in the future. Now you have known the complete guide on Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development, make the right decision to choose Soft Suave and scale up your Real Estate business.

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