Java vs PHP: Which is the Best to Choose in 2021?

Check out the comparison of Java vs PHP and choose the best tech for your custom application development in 2021.

Java vs PHP

The growth of web app development in 2021 is fascinating. Business owners and developers are inclining towards Web Apps more than Mobile Apps. This has devised a war between the most popular programming languages – Java and PHP.
Furthermore, as these technologies are the backbone of web app development, many start-ups, SMBs and enterprises are eager to know the results for Java vs PHP so they can implement the right technology for their app development.
According to SAGipl, web app development is proving to be one of the fastest-growing IT industries. This has made development tools essential for any successful app development in 2021. Thus, understanding the right technology will help you choose the right set of tools to build web app solutions.
In the fast-paced tech world, app development trends change regularly it is up to us to use the right tech and grow in the competitive market. Therefore the following article will give you the final verdict on whether to choose Java or PHP for your app development in 2021.

What is Java?

Java is the most commonly used programming language and a computing platform. It is fast, secure, and reliable. Moreover, you can find Java in laptops, data centers, gaming consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, and the Internet.
Java is an object-oriented language with advanced and simplified features. It is free and runs on all platforms. Besides, it is an independent programming language that follows “Write once, Run anywhere” logic.

Advantages of Java:-

Java offers several advantages to app development over many other languages. Below are a few;

  • Java is economical to maintain
  • It is a platform-independent language
  • Java is a simple, stable, and secure language
  • It is a distributed language that supports multi-threading
  • Java offers automatic garbage collection

What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source server-side language used in web app development. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Besides, this language is used commonly to develop static websites and dynamic web apps effortlessly.
As PHP offers a shorter learning curve most of the companies build their apps at an economical cost. Moreover, PHP is a friendly language that has the ability to easily connect with MySQL, Oracle, and other databases. Due to its server-side support, many business owners leverage PHP for incredible app development.

Advantages of PHP:-

Being the most preferred server-side language in the tech world, PHP offers various benefits as follows;

  • PHP is platform-independent and simple to use
  • It offers an easy and quick database connection
  • PHP is the fastest programming language
  • The web apps build with PHP can be easily tested
  • PHP offers high-security to web apps
  • The PHP community offers excellent online support

Java vs PHP: Comparison

Java and PHP have similar features and functionalities. However, to settle which is the best for app development in 2021, let us now check out an in-depth comparison between Java and PHP.

PHP or JAVA which one is good for web development


Security is one of the major concerns for companies developing web apps. As the world is adapting and growing exponentially on the internet, it is essential for companies to focus on security.
Between Java and PHP, Java is the most secure programming language. It offers many built-in security features. Whereas, while working on PHP, the developers have to pick any other framework to increase the security. Also, in consideration of complex projects, Java stands out and does the security task seamlessly by blocking some features in low-level programming.

Verdict: Java

Nature of Coding:-

The nature of coding determines the success of a development project. Java uses different threads to manage and process the codes as quickly as possible. However, PHP uses less memory and offers better provisions for coding.
In comparison, PHP offers faster coding than Java. Clearly, PHP has an edge over Java in terms of coding speed and performance. Business owners who want to reduce the time-to-market and costs should prefer PHP in 2021.

Verdict: PHP

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Availability of Talented Resources:-

To build an Application you need talented developer expertise in a specific technology. If you want to save costs on development, hiring web app developers is the right choice in 2021. However, when it comes to choosing a developer with a tech expert, it is definitely a hard choice.
Java Developers are easily accessible and do not cost a lot while hiring. However, PHP developers are on-demand developers who are expensive to hire. Moreover, as Java is older, the level of expertise will be high compared to Java. Thus, business owners want successful Java app developers who have good experience and excel in web app development.

Verdict: Java

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Business owners need a highly-performing application in the market because it determines the success rate of the application. Comparing the performance based on codes can be biased as both the language have a different foundation.
However, there has to be a winner. Thus, Java offers better performance than PHP as Java is precompiled. Moreover, the optimization in Java takes less time than that of PHP. Although PHP has taken necessary measures to optimize code writing while reducing memory consumption, Java is clearly a winner in 2021.

Verdict: Java

Cost of Development:-

The cost of development impacts a business severely in 2021. Start-up and SMB business owners are moving towards cost-effective development over expensive development.
In terms of technology, PHP is the most economical choice for business owners. As PHP takes less time to code, the cost for development reduces drastically. Moreover, if you follow the PHP development trends, you can develop a ground-breaking app at an effective cost.
In comparison, Java app development is expensive. Although the number of Java resources worldwide is high, the development cost is still expensive.

Verdict: PHP


In a tech world that is unstable, you as a business owner do not want to offer an unstable app. Thus, stability should be a concern for business owners during and post-development.
It is a well-known fact that longer codes offer more stability to an application. Java is a technology that takes time to develop well-written and longer codes. Moreover, the chances for crashes are also less compared to the faster and shortcodes offered by PHP.

Verdict: Java

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The future is bright for both Java and PHP. Known as the most powerful programming languages, Java and PHP are assured to have tight competition in the tech world. However, the future of these technologies lies in the hands of the business owners and the upcoming trends.
Every business will have a different business trend. Thus the technology that supports most of the features and functionalities during the development is set to win the battle in the future. The field the equally poised and the future relies on the hands of humans.

When Should You Use Java?

The popularity of Java is worldwide and below are the times and places where Java can be used.

  • Web and enterprise App development
  • Mobile Apps – Android
  • Operating system design
  • Desktop Apps
  • Graphic user interface
  • Web server and services

A few of the global organizations using Java are – Uber, Airbnb, Google, Slack, Netflix, and Spotify.

When Should You Use PHP?

Coined as the most powerful server-side language, PHP can be used during;

  • Dynamic website development
  • Create interactive login pages
  • Encrypting sensitive data
  • Creating, opening, reading, writing, and terminating files on the server

PHP is used by global brands like – Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, MailChimp, and WordPress.
Risks and Rewards of Outsourcing Java Development

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Which One to Choose in 2021

The web app development requirement changes regularly. When you have the top two web app development technologies like Java and PHP in hand it is pretty hard to select the best one. However, depending on your app requirement you can choose the best fit and work on that specific language.

Wrapping Up

Choosing between Java and PHP is impractical in 2021. The winner depends upon your project requirements. However, if you have trouble choosing the best fit, you can get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation with the best web app development company in India and plan accordingly.
The app development market in 2021 is highly competitive so take your decision instantly and start working with Soft Suave.

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