On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development:- A Step-by-Step Guide

According to a report, online grocery sales are set to grow by 40% in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed every individual into lockdown, which directly increased online grocery sales. Most of the online sales were completed in-home delivery. With the world still stuck in the pandemic, the numbers are expected to increase in the forthcoming months.

Grocery-App-An-Assured-Way-To-Grow-Your-Grocery-BusinessAlthough this sudden surge in the online grocery business was unexpected, many business owners have already invested in the industry, considering the high returns. Any grocery business should have its own grocery delivery application. The grocery delivery app builds trust and increases the engagement rate with your customer. The coronavirus pandemic has unsettled the retail grocery stores. It is now in the hands of the grocery app development solutions to win the market and help the consumer during this unprecedented time.

Different Models of Grocery Delivery Application:

Delivery app development has many options if you are looking to develop a successful grocery delivery app development.

Different Models of Grocery Delivery Application

  • Aggregators: Aggregator model is the easiest and safest model for the grocery delivery business. The aggregators list the shops available in the nearby location for the users to buy their groceries from. The user selects the products according to the needs and will check out by paying the bill. They can track their product until it reaches their home. Here the liability to deliver the products lies entirely on the store owners. The responsibility of the aggregator is to help the users with the list of all the convenient shops near the user’s location.
  • Multi-vendor Marketplace: Multi-vendor marketplace is the same as the aggregator model, except the marketplace has its own delivery boys who collect the products from the vendors and deliver them to the destined customer. Most of the retail owners are now upgrading their grocery business to a multi-vendor marketplace with just a simple multi-vendor marketplace application.
  • Individual stores: These individual stores have their own grocery delivery application that helps their customers to choose any product from their store, and the owner has a few delivery boys who make sure it is delivered to the customers. The shop owner takes full responsibility from developing the mobile app, maintaining to updating products on the application regularly.

Types of Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps:

There are three significant types of grocery application which can be used for any grocery business. They are customer app, delivery personnel app, and an admin app.

  • Customer App:- Customer apps help customers to choose from products that are listed by the vendors. It also enhances user engagement and increases the buying experience of the customers.
  • Delivery Personnel App:- Delivery personnel app is a must for all grocery business. It facilitates store owners and customers to get updates on their respective orders. It will also help delivery personnel to reach the products to the right place in the destined time. As GPS is enabled in the application, tracking of delivery is made easy.
  • Admin App:- Admin has overall control over the customer and delivery personnel app. Admin app will help admin (business owner) to assign orders and track them in real-time. Admin has complete access over the finance, and he manages the commission and splits the profits without any delay using the admin application.

Grocery Delivery App Development Process:-

Grocery Delivery App Development Process - Soft Suave

  • Plan – Planning is an essential part of app development. It helps the clients and developers understand each other’s capabilities and work around a feasible plan. Many business owners succeed in planning but fail in sticking to the plan resulting in expensive app development with unnecessary features & functionalities.
  • Design – Mobile app developers are entitled to design the application efficiently. Your requirements act as a base to help the developers in designing the most attractive yet powerful application. If you do not have a dedicated mobile app developer, it is best to consult the best eCommerce application development company.
  • Develop – If you need a successful application, you need the best app development company. The primary reason is that only the best mobile app development company will have the latest technology, tools, and resources to develop a high-performing grocery application.
  • Beta – The crucial stage of the app development process is BETA. In this stage, the application developed will be released in the form of Beta for users to test the application features and functionalities. The errors and bugs have to be reported so that it will be rectified. Improvements should also be suggested here, for you to get a fully functional application that fits your business goal.
  • Launch – When your application reaches this stage, it is a success for the development team and the business owner. Many development companies fail in launching an application into the market for customers because of many factors. However, if you have fixed all the feedbacks from Beta and are ready for launch, you can pat your shoulders and say you have succeeded.
  • Support – Support and maintenance are necessary for every application developed. Although it costs a few extra bucks, support has to initiated regularly. Business owners have to make sure there are timely updates in the application to keep up with the trend in the app market. Moreover, owning an application is easier than maintaining an app.

Must-Have Features Of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps:-

The key features and functionalities of your grocery delivery app determine your success in the app market. Your app success is rated based on the innovative and problem-solving features you have in your grocery delivery app. Therefore, it is necessary for you to research and plan the features that attract customers and make their lives easier.


  • 24/7 Availability – A grocery delivery app gives your customers 24/7 access to your grocery store. They can place an order any time they want from anywhere. Although the products are not delivered immediately, the application gives customers the freedom to pick groceries online at their own convenient time.
  • Customer Engagement – Grocery delivery app helps you get connected to your customers easily. It allows them to interact with you as much as possible and increases their trust in your brand as you are just a click away from delivering products.
  • Order Tracking – Order tracking is the most efficient feature in the grocery delivery application. Real-time GPS tracking is available in recent grocery app development. It enables your customers to track their products after they place their order. It also provides an estimated time for delivery once the product is out of the shop.
  • Discounts and Offers – Offers and discounts are a part of the grocery business. If the numbers of the grocery business are surging, the primary reasons are offers and discounts. Attractive offers and discounts are what keeps a grocery delivery business running successfully. Grocery delivery applications help you personalize offers according to your customer buying behavior.
  • Numerous Payment Options: Grocery delivery application offers numerous payment options to customers in the motive to make the buying process easier for the customers. Customers are satisfied and happy when they are given various options for payments. Grocery delivery application offers multiple payment options like debit cards, credit cards, wallet payments, and cash on delivery under one hood that is the grocery delivery application.

The Cost to Build an On-demand Grocery Delivery App:-

The cost of your grocery app development depends on three major factors – the features in your application, the mobile platform to be deployed, and the choice of country for the development. Basically, you determine the cost of your grocery delivery application development. Several business owners do not understand this concept; instead, they blame the development company for their expensive app development.

The Cost to Build an On-demand Grocery Delivery App

For a grocery delivery app to be developed by a leading grocery delivery app development company like Soft Suave, it would cost a maximum of $XXXX. However, there is also an alternate option like a grocery delivery app clone script that will give you the desired results at a cost 50% lower than the customized grocery delivery application.

Pros and Cons of a Grocery Delivery Application:

Every application has its own pros and cons, and the grocery delivery application is not exempted from it.

  • Customer loyalty: Grocery delivery application increases customer loyalty towards your brand. As the buying process is made simpler, there are higher chances that even your new customers might turn into loyal customers.
  • Convenience: One of the most significant advantages of grocery delivery apps are 24/7 availability. Customers are satisfied when they are provided with apps that match their convenience.
  • Time-saving: As a grocery delivery application is a form of shopping that is integrated with advanced and innovative technology, it saves a lot of time for consumers while shopping.
  • Lack of touch and feel: Although most of the buyers will be obsessed with the growth in the grocery delivery business in the form of mobile applications, many consumers still upset that they lack the physical touch and feel of the products they buy. People are always afraid that they would miss fresh products by shopping online.
  • Suitability: Grocery delivery application might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Millennials might prefer the technological advancement in the grocery business, but there are still customers who are old school. According to the demographic consideration, this might pose a challenge to your business.

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Wrapping Up!

Make hay while the sun shines. The market for the grocery business is booming right now. The time will never get better than this for you to use the above step-by-step guide to develop a successful grocery delivery application. With developers at $15/hour, you can bring all your grocery delivery app dreams into a reality with Soft Suave – the leading web and mobile app development company.


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