Our client is a leading cloud communications services company based out of Spain. Their powerful cloud-based in-company product with extensive integration capabilities cuts operating costs and offers great flexibility.

They are licensed, and award-winning operators specialized in telecommunications service consulting, management of smart communications and offer customized corporate services in cloud computing technology.


The client wanted an App that integrates with Salesforce and offers seamless cloud-based telephone communication.

  • Establish CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) with Salesforce.
  • Internal and external communication from a single platform.
  • Unification of Salesforce contacts with open CTI.
  • Generate unique extension numbers for all contacts in Salesforce.
  • Click to dial for instant call connectivity.
  • Features to add contact and check call history effortlessly.

Challenges Faced By Soft Suave

Developing cloud-based software is no easy task. Our developers faced few challenges during the development but could get the better of with experience and expertise.

  • Passing the security review while working on the test class.
  • Covering a minimum of 75% code during the development of Salesforce's test class.
  • Building a test environment was a challenge.

Solution Offered By Soft Suave

The development team at Soft Suave leveraged all the tech expertise and built a cloud-based telephony system that integrated well with Salesforce.

  • Developed Visualforce Pages to access, display and update the organization’s data.
  • Executed flow and transaction control statements using Apex Class.
  • Build Open CTI to allow the app to make calls from Salesforce directly.
  • Facilitated creation of unique extension numbers for the contact list.
  • Apex triggers were added to validate extension field edit by the administrator.
  • Executed click to dial feature to make users attempt a call with a single click.
  • Configured availability and unavailability status update on the contact list.
  • Leveraged Aura component for building interactive UI.
  • Established seamless communication between agents within the team.

Key Features of the Software


Used to enter a phone number (via button click and keyboard) to make calls.


Lists all visible agents along with their details such as name, extension, avatar, and status.


Lists all the services assigned to the current agent along with their status.


Lists all the contacts fetched from the CRM contact object.


Shows all the ongoing calls (on-call / on-hold) of the current agent.


Lists all the external (calls not made to extensions) inbound and outbound calls.

Technologies Used


Reduce operating costs with a cloud-based telephone app integration. Download the case study to learn more.

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