Cloud Computing

Enterprises are accelerating their adoption of cloud computing to drive unprecedented flexibility in their businesses, improve access to their IT assets, and reduce the costs of conducting business. But to realize the promise of the cloud, you need to work with a reliable partner who understands how to put innovation to work – today and for the long term.

Soft Suave’s Cloud Computing Services (including Advisory, Modernization, Operations, and Management) enable you to make smart decisions for your organization that drive faster results and provide you the flexibility to embrace growth.

Soft Suave offers its clients end-to-end application integration services for our clients’ cloud computing service needs. We use a highly structured approach to establish your business needs, assess the underlying technology components (such as infrastructure, applications, processes, policies, etc.), and then deploy the appropriate cloud computing components. To benefit from cloud adoption, you need a transformation of IT infrastructure, changes to human resource skills sets, processes and technologies.

Service Offerings

  • Cloud Enablement
  • Cloud and System Integration
  • Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS)
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Application Services

With vast experience in applying innovation to evolve clients’ business systems and processes, Soft Suave can help you on this journey. Whether you are migrating legacy and enterprise systems to the cloud or looking for optimized management of your cloud environment, Soft Suave is your preferred cloud partner.

Delivering solutions on the leading cloud platforms
Join over a million companies already running on AWS.
Build test and deploy using Google's own infrastructure.
Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption on Microsoft Azure
Supporting OpenStack and other private clouds.