• Eliminate disparities and provide equal access to healthcare to the most vulnerable members of our society such as including seniors, people of color, and the disabled
  • Keep patients living comfortably in their homes and out of the hospital
  • Connect patients, families and their caregivers to communicate about care
  • Healthcare givers should get notified if the patient’s health condition is at risk


Care3 was started with the realization to help the most helpless people who receive a woefully inadequate quality of care in their homes and communities. This giant movement to build the care3 app is to fix these unacceptable and unnecessary disparities.

  • Care3 combines three familiar mobile functions, messaging, calendar, and task reminders to make sharing and coordinating care among family, friends, and medical professionals as easy as sending a text.
  • The user has three types of roles: Care receiver, Caregiver and Family/Friend. Any of the users can create a care plan.
  • Care receiver and Caregiver can create a Care Team with the members who are ready to help the care receiver.
  • The user can initiate any number of chatrooms with the members.
  • Point-of-care communications require security and interactivity. Care Team members have the permission to post text messages, media (images, audio, and video), and action messages.
  • Action messages give details about the action that should take place at a particular date and time. Team members have the option to view whether the created action is completed, if not anyone can be reminded to complete the action.
  • Care3 Action Alerts notify the Care Team if tasks are not completed. Data is generated by each completed care task providing real-time insight and information on performance reports, audits and predictive analytics.
  • Care3 is made highly secure as it maintains an emergency and medication list of the care receiver which includes personal information and medication details as well.
  • Action calendar feature of care3 allows all of the actions to be in the same place, organized and with a reminder for each action using the care3 calendar. The calendar shows the completed action messages and the upcoming action messages.
  • The Care Team owner has the permission to add or remove members.
  • Any of the Care Team members have the option to leave the group anytime.


Care3 is the most promising healthcare communications solution available.

  • Care3 smartly associates patient and family engagement with post-acute care coordination on the same platform to improve outcomes and reduce costly hospital readmissions for the vulnerable population.
  • Ability to maintain high levels of collaboration between interdisciplinary Care Teams, patients, and family caregivers lead to better healthcare results.
  • Caregivers, family or friends get to know if a patient is at risk before it happens with the help of action alerts and thus enables interventions prior to negative outcomes.

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