Project Description

EuroTelemedicine is an interactive and easy-to-use telemedicine app that supports video consultation. The app was developed to take advanced healthcare solutions to everyone and promote healthcare through innovation in telemedicine. The all-app based technology makes healthcare accessible from anywhere and at any time. The app facilitates patients to select the area of healthcare, chose from a wide range of experts, and schedule a consultation effortlessly.


The app was developed to release worldwide. However, due to China’s ban on all VoIP services, Soft Suave was forced to navigate from CallKit to another supportive VoIP service in the nick of time. In addition, it was a challenge to fix appointments and manage online consultation with doctors from different time zones.


Soft Suave developed a highly responsive healthcare app with the latest technology that offered quality, safety and reliable online interaction between professionals and patients. The app facilitated patients to receive healthcare from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, Soft Suave was able to accomplish the client’s mission to promote the value of life through technology that offered agile and cutting-edge care, breaking barriers of time and space.

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