Project Description

Sulekha is an events application and designed for android and iOS platforms.The main objective of this project is to book the event tickets with seating charts in the US and Canada. A user will view events based on the location in the US and Canada. A user can update location to view the events on that location.


The major challenge faced in sulekha events app is implementing seating charts for the events. Seating chart is almost similar to the concept of seat arrangement in a event. Seating chart should be compatible for all Apple products like iPhone and iPad.


The server will send the seating information such as seating position, size, type, color, etc., therefore the position can be obtained and the seats can be drawn on the screen. This will support all iPhone and iPad sizes so more complex calculations and advanced auto layout concepts had to be performed to achieve this task. Filled and unfilled seats can be highlighted with a different color.

App Screenshots

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