• Manage workforce in multiple field locations with diverse schedules and job responsibilities
  • Track remote employees’ login/logout timings, job location and job progress
  • Automated uploading of timesheet to the server
  • Automated reminders and report generation for timesheet booking and approval
  • Timesheet integration with Xero
  • Enabling a better Payroll management system


Soft Suave with its vast experience in the areas of mobile and web development was able to come up with an ideal solution.

  • Developed an integrated solution system comprising three modules: mobile app, web app and MDM.
  • The enterprise mobile solution allows the field workers to record their work timings and incorporates features like GPS geolocation and Camera to locate the field worker and take photographs of the pre-jobs, post-jobs and condition of the vehicles & plants and upload to the server using APIs.
  • A cloud-based web application was designed with separate portals for managers and admins to strategically monitor all the entries in real-time and to manage them within one centralized location to enhance employee performance & experience.
  • Enterprise mobile application was synchronized with the AWS-based web application for easy managing of form, workflows, timesheet approval, alerts etc.
  • Xero integration with timesheets happens every fortnight automatically thus centralizing payroll processing.
  • Reporting and analytic capabilities were included which portray discrepancies between logins and excessive idle times, while logged in.


Time management solutions have a great deal of control and visibility into every detail of the employee thus benefiting the company in numerous ways.

  • Streamlined Payroll Process: Payroll Management was made smooth by seamless integration with payroll software.
  • Improved Efficiency: Eradicated buddy punching by which onsite employees started working more efficiently consequently improving the productivity.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced manpower to manage different work locations which cut down company’s costs thus benefiting the bottom-line.
  • Business Enhancement: Regular monitoring of work status improved project quality and the reports were sent to the client which built trust in them and subsequently brought new referrals.

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