• Doctors or medical professionals invest a lot of time daily to coordinate patients-care about admissions, discharges, and emergency room diversions. Reduce these time-consuming tasks and ultimately, utilize doctors’ time for additional patient care.
  • With more number of medical staffs hired than actually required, doctors fail to get timely responses which should not be the case.
  • Must have better communication among the medical professionals to get proper direction from the treatment team for excellent bedside care.
  • Valuable professional time of doctors should be saved from unwanted communications which will give them job satisfaction and a better personal life.


ZipDoc is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, secure messaging mobile platform that was developed out of the need to solve how doctors or medical professionals communicate about actionable patient health information during the vulnerable transitions of the care process from acute to post-acute care.

When a patient is ready for discharge, the physician/healthcare provider can add more than one recipient on a discharge notification which provides the actionable data necessary to facilitate a discharge and dramatically improve the whole care coordination process. Each medical professional can chat with all of the team members surrounding a particular incident by using Zipdoc's GoToChat room feature.

Special features of ZipDoc

  • Medical incidents and transcription: Doctor’s audio dictation and information like patient name, disease, next steps of medication, etc. as a file is transcribed by the server into text and formatted in a standard script.
  • Audio Trim and Merge: Implemented Audio trim and merge to edit unwanted audio and merge using the combination of two techniques - .wav audio merge and FFMPEG codec.
  • Template-based Messaging: Real-time status of actionable patient health information gets delivered to all key decision makers which will improve the repatriation process and the bottom line. This allows the recipient a chance to respond much quicker as a result.
  • Secure Communication: Sensitive information will be encrypted in the DB. All communication between server and client is via SSL and sockets. No server or socket calls are actioned through HTTP or in clear text.
  • Offline Cache: Users can use most app features without internet connection. All the data and information shared are being cached. Using offline cache, intelligent background processing of server commands and responses, and proper prioritization and optimization of business logic, a very fast and reliable performance is attained.
  • Cross Platform: Supports users in all the platforms like Android, iOS, and Web.
  • Extensible: ZipDoc can be customized in such a way that it can be integrated into any healthcare organization or an existing Electronic Medical Record.


ZipDoc is being used by many high-risk health delivery models including ACO’s (accountable care organizations), MCO’s (managed care organizations), hospitals, urgent cares and physician clinics nationwide.

  • Patients get the highest quality of care and access to healthcare.
  • ZipDoc just needs 90 seconds in order to save 90% of doctors’ time. It gives great job satisfaction for medical professionals and helps them serve their patients in a much better way by creating a proper work-life balance for them.
  • ZipDoc has solved the communication barriers in a patients’ continuum of care resulting in meaningful outcomes for various metrics, most notably readmission and ER utilization rates.

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