On-Demand Meditation App Development:- A Step-by-step Guide

Follow the guide to develop a meditation app at an affordable cost with the help of a meditation app development company in India.

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Everybody wants peace to overflow in their lives. Starting from work pressure to hectic daily schedules, people are seeking ways to balance the stress and relax. Many want breaks from daily work chores to stay healthy. People have started relying on deep breathing techniques and listening to pleasant sounds to relieve their everyday pressure. However, one proven success trick is Meditation. The reasons, as mentioned earlier, are the primary success reason for many meditation applications in the world. 
COVID-19 has been harsh on the entire world, and people are trying their best to cope up with sudden changes that are happening around them. Meditation helps you to keep yourself calm and composed during rough situations. While everybody wants to meditate, only a few know how to meditate. This is the gap every business owner has to understand and fill with the help of a meditation application.
Meditation application is evolving rapidly in 2020. While the whole world was stuck at home, people started working on many hobbies; meditation was one such common habit that is turning out to be a success in 2020. Business owners are using this opportunity and investing in this industry to offer a digital solution in the form of meditation application. Meditation is most popular in the USA compared to other countries in the world. According to MarketResearch.com, the U.S. meditation market was estimated at around $1.21billion in 2017 and is expected to double to $2.08 billion by 2022. It is now the right time to get in touch with the best medication application development company for mobile to develop an innovative and successful meditation application.

Types of Meditation Applications:-

Meditation app development is a vast space that can be broken down into a few specific business areas. Business entrepreneurs are identifying market necessity according to the geographical area and are delivering solutions accordingly. Here are a few types of meditation applications that have been popular in the last few years;

  • Yoga Application:

    Yoga applications help the users to take up Yoga consistently and practice it without any hassles. The instructions for the perfect pose and soothing music to complement the Yoga practice will be available in the application.

  • Meditation Application:

    – This application is the most common app that can be found in all the mobile devices of the mediators. It facilitates the users to choose all the essential things like timing, music, type of breathing exercises, and meditation. This application is the whole package that has all the healthy practices to make you calm and healthy.

  • Breathe Meditation App:

    – People that have a hectic schedule and need some breathe exercises to calm them down will use the Breathe meditation application. The application focuses on offering varieties of breathing exercises, pleasant music, and a timer. Moreover, it has alarms to make sure breathing exercises are followed regularly. 

  • Meditation Music App:

    – Meditation music application offers pleasant and soothing music that complements the meditation. This application is widely popular among the meditators in the world because it sets the mood and ambiance for the meditation.


Must-have Features of Meditation Application: -

If you want a successful meditation app development solution, think about adding the following features during development. 

  • Login and Registration:-

    – Develop an attractive login page that persuades users to log in and use the application. Provide fields to register using a mobile number or email address. You can also make the process easier by allowing them to sign-up or login using social media accounts.

  • Push Notifications:-

    – Push notifications allow you to engage with your audience and convince them to use your application. You can connect with them anytime and remind them about their meditation schedules and sessions in the application. Push notifications are the best way to stay in the minds of the users.

  • Meditation Library:-

    – Meditation library is the success factor that makes you unique from your competitors. Display the type of meditation along with the time taken, and a few benefits will persuade the users to participate with a positive mindset. If you can add music to the meditation, it would be a great hit as most people do not match the right music with the meditation. 

  • Music Player with Library:-

    – A music player with a soothing library will help your users stay in the mood during meditation. You can compile all the pleasant music and categorize it according to the sessions so the users can select and use it according to their preference. You can add an innovative touch to it by integrating AI – Siri or Google Assistant, which will enable users to find any music from the world.

  • Introductory Meditation Tutorials:-

    – Tutorials are a must if you are developing a meditation application. All your users will not be a pro. Hence, you have to incorporate meditation tutorials that will help every user to learn new techniques are follow it accordingly.

  • Personal Profile with Statistics:-

    – Everybody loves to check out the results of meditation. Allow users to track their stats and understand the progress so they can feel motivated to meditate more, which will directly increase your application usage. It is to be noted that the statistics have to be interesting and should be designed with the help of animation and visual representation.

  • Timers and Alarms:-

    – Timers and alarms help you to stay focused and set a target. Meditation is a habit that needs to be done daily. Alarms allow you to remind users to meditate. You can also use alarms to suggest a specific workout so the users can try it during their meditation time. Timers are essential for meditators to track the amount of time spent on every session. These tracker results can be sent to the user dashboard in the form of stats.

  • Wearables Integration:-

    – According to ResearchAndMarkets.com, the global wearable computing devices market accounted for 181.5 million units in 2019, and it is expected to reach 520.1 million units by 2025. The tech world is evolving, so you should too. Wearables are taking over the smartphone market. Now is the right time for you to plan and make your meditation app feasible for a wearable.

How Much Does it Cost for the Development of Meditation App:-

You cannot go by a fixed cost when you want to develop a successful meditation application. The factors that decide the costs are the OS platform, the standard features, innovative custom features, hourly development price of the developers, and the size of the development team.
However, with Soft Suave – the top application development company for mobile, you can get your meditation app developed at an economical cost that would definitely fit into the budget of Start-ups and SMBs. Moreover, you can share all your business requirements and innovative features to the development team and get a free quote for your meditation app. You can then decide on how to move forward and develop your app with Soft Suave. If you are not able to afford the price of new app development, you can proceed to the headspace clone app development that is assured to fit anybody’s budget.

Pros and Cons of a Meditation App:-

Meditation application has a different level of pros and cons compared to other applications.
Countless Meditation Library: – The application will have a lot of meditation tricks, techniques, and sessions that cannot be availed when you go for a physical meditation session. Moreover, you can choose the type of meditation according to your routine. 
Expensive: – Meditation apps are pricey. With excellent quality comes the high price too. Certain companies curate high-quality meditation content for applications that will put a hole in your pockets.
Distraction: – Meditation apps can be a distraction at times. When you want to meditate and balance the rough day at work with the help of a meditation application, you will end up using Instagram for the whole dedicated time.

Wrapping Up!

While the whole world is looking out for peace and composure, it is up to you to find the best mobile app development company that offers meditation app development solutions and build a successful meditation application. Plan well and integrate the best innovative features with the help of quality mobile app developers to deliver a competitive meditation application in the market. Moreover, make sure the cost of the application development is under your budget before you start your development. 
If you are stuck on how to develop a successful meditation application, Get in touch with Soft Suave – the leading web and mobile app development company in India.