Node.JS Vs Angular.JS: Which is the Best for your App – [Infographic]

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Web apps are ruling the business world in 2021. Although mobile apps have gained an advantage in the market, business owners still prefer web apps to run their business seamlessly.

Web apps offer access to devices, removes maintenance headaches, increases flexibility and scalability. Besides Web Apps offer a responsive design which is a lot easier and cheaper than mobile apps.

There are several technologies that support the development of Web Apps. Let’s take a look at the two most commonly used frameworks.

NodeJS vs AngularJS:

NodeJS is not a framework but an open-source JavaScript runtime environment used for running JS Apps outside the browser. Besides, NodeJS is a common tool to build tool server-side JS applications. NodeJS also offers a rich library to make web development easier and quicker.

AngularJS is the best framework to develop dynamic web apps. Moreover, the primary goal of this framework is a simplification. AngularJS helps developers to use HTML to express Web App’s components clearly.

Furthermore, as AngularJS supports MVC programming structure, web app developers can easily build dynamic apps and single-page web apps.

Let us now take a look at the major difference between NodeJS and AngularJS and help you choose the best for your web app development.

Node.JS Vs Angular.JS Which is the best for your app [Infographic] - Soft Suave

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