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Redefining your App Idea into the Next Level Educational App Solution

Developing an education app has become as important as sending kids to school for learning and gaining knowledge. Soft Suave understands this importance and applies the power of app building expertise into education services to bring the unique outcome and increase the interactive learning models for any age group. The standard of education app development in the USA and India is rapidly increasing day by day with the amount of demand by the education institutions for it.

The team at Soft Suave has all the expertise in providing smart and interactive education app development solutions for learning and imparting education into anyone, anywhere on any device.

With the increasing popularity of online education and eLearning, every company is wanting to develop an education app. Soft Suave helps you bring your dream and idea of education app development into reality. Your custom requirements and features will be integrated along with the best technology into your app to give you the taste of success in the education industry.

Benefits for Users of the service:

  • Opportunity to study at any time: eLearning applications allows the students to learn from anywhere and anytime with just internet connectivity.
  • Improvement of professional skills: Education apps guide students to upgrade their professional skills with the help of many soft skill subjects.
  • Receive rapid feedbacks from teachers: eLearning application facilitate teachers to share instant feedbacks that will motivate kids to progress.
  • Possibility to study entertainingly: eLearning applications are the most entertaining way for kids or adults to take up education.
  • Unlimited access to training materials: Study and training materials found in education apps offer unlimited access, and kids can learn any number of time.
  • Collective study despite the distance: Distance is not a concern for education if eLearning apps from Soft Suave are used effectively.

Benefits for the Owner of the service:

  • Reinforcement of the brand: Deploying an eLearning app not only strengthens the brand value but also increases it largely.
  • Increase in exposure across mobile devices: The exposure of your brand and app across the mobile devices is humongous.
  • Connection with many people: The customer engagement will see a positive spike if the eLearning app is deployed rightly. It creates deep& closeconnectionswith the customers.
  • Opportunity to build relations: Close connections build relationships, and eLearning apps from Soft Suave are developed to create close engagement with the users.
  • Enhancement of social networking strategies: Applications from Soft Suave are built to help app owners enhancesecure and robust social networking.
  • Making the world more modern and intelligent: eLearning is an opportunity for owners to make the world advanced and knowledgeable with the help of a single application.

Enabling Educators to Embrace Technology and Enhance the Student’ Experience

An exceptional platform to develop Education & eLearning App in the USA, India & Europe.

Technology & Tool We Use

Blend of modern tools & Technologies to build next-generation educational app solutions

  • JavaJava
  • KotlinKotlin
  • SwiftSwift
  • Objective-CObjective-C
Cross Platform
  • React NativeReact Native
  • AngularAngular
  • ReactReact
  • Vue.jsVue.js
  • Backbone JSBackbone.js
  • CSS3CSS3
  • Node.jsNode.js
  • ReactReact
  • MeteorMeteor
  • GOGO
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • AuroraDBAuroraDB
  • DynamoDBDynamoDB

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

What are the features an eLearning education app should have?

An eLearning application must have virtual classrooms, online admission, assessment, and report dashboard, and, more importantly, study materials.

How long does it take to develop an eLearning education app?

On average, Soft Suave takes six weeks to develop an attractive and interactive eLearning app. However, your requirements in technology and features will play a vital part.

How much does it cost to develop an eLearning education app?

Soft Suave has experience in building eLearning apps for SMBs and start-ups at an affordable cost. Nevertheless, your customization will increase the price drastically.

Why choose soft suave for eLearning education app development?

The experience and expertise of developers in Soft Suave assures a successful yet attractive eLearning app. Not to compromise on quality makes Soft Suave the preferable company for eLearning app development.

How do you develop an educational app?

We follow the agile development process. We also have a transparent development process which allows our clients to get involved in all the development process.


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