Mobile Apps Development

In the fast-paced world of mobile development, speed to market with a superior product is essential. That’s why enterprises worldwide depend on Soft Suave’s Mobile Technology Services to succeed in this dynamic environment. We provide technical expertise, highly skilled resources, and innovative project management to deliver compelling solutions for any mobile development challenge.

The Soft Suave approach helps clients rapidly scale up their mobile development initiatives while keeping a lid on costs. Our experienced team provides tightly synchronized workflows for cross-platform development, testing, and market-enablement. We’re also mobile development innovators, with cross-platform tools and reusable components that accelerate speed to market while reducing coding and porting requirements.

Soft Suave helps companies with mobile app development services for mobile enablement of enterprise-grade applications and software. Our expert mobile application developers follow latest developments in mobile technologies and tools to keep up with advancements in enterprise mobility.

Development Platforms







Service Offerings

  • Custom Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Web Application Development
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Development
  • Native Mobile Development
  • IP solutions for mobile devices

  • Mobile UX / UI Design
  • Location Based Services for mobile devices
  • Integration of Mobile solutions to Enterprise Systems
  • Porting applications across various mobile platforms

  • Video and audio applications for mobile devices
  • Creating websites for mobile devices
  • Mobile payment services
  • Multimedia and entertainment mobile applications development

Key Constraints and Challenges

From the experienced gained in developing mobile apps, our skilled developers have identified the key constraints and challenges peculiar to mobile applications from an end user point of view. They take at most care in addressing these constraints during the development stage.

  • Developing multiple versions of an application to run on a wide variety of platforms like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and others
  • Small screen size in which less of a page or form are displayed, making it more difficult to maintain the user’s sense of location within the application and navigation scheme
  • A variety of different screen sizes, resolutions and orientations (portrait, landscape, switchable) to design for
  • Limited input devices and a variety of possible interaction methods (keypad, stylus, touch screen)
  • Text input is particularly cumbersome
  • Limited battery life requiring power-consuming activities must be carefully managed
  • Limited processing power

All of our developers knows that “Context is King” for mobile applications. Our development team believes that, a thorough understanding of the user’s context and objectives are paramount in building a robust and innovative product to enhance the business potential of the customers.