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The Client is one of the first neo-banking companies based in the Philippines with branches in Singapore and India. They want to expand their service through a mobile application that sits on everyone's phone as a secured banking platform.

The brick-and-mortar Kind of bank is no longer necessary. The fully digital facility reduces transaction risks and time. The client aims to provide a secured banking service with interactive simplifications by augmenting this service to the mobile application.

The Banking Application Offers

The online banking service offers everything that has been done physically into a fully digital facility so that it simplifies all the risky tasks for both the bank and customers.

Using this app, you can access a variety of financial products, such as deposits, loans, savings accounts, payments, and cards, with High security. You can also interact and use offers and benefits with a smile on your face with the application as it fulfills all your financial needs. It has engaging UX/UI features and is featurerich.

Client Requirements

Our client is a philippine based banking investor who had a vision of developing the first neo banking application in central Asia. Choosing us as their trusted partner, They met us with the primary requirements as follows.

  • Wanted to build a mobile application for a new-age banking domain application.
  • A secure neo banking app with features like Stashes, Time deposits, and Loans.
  • Filipinos are the primary users.


Building a Mobile application for a Neo Bank carries lots of challenges. As a first phase, we started to list out the challenges so we can solve them for the client’s app. Figuring this out also helps us understand more about the Banking application’s market needs and how to make it unique by adding new features.

  • Bygone Mobile Experiences:
  • The more a trend is followed, the more it gets outdated and flawed. Wanting for the new features also gets increased. For a banking application, Speed, simplification, and flexibility in transactions are very important.

  • High Bank Charges:
  • The more a trend is followed, the more it gets outdated and flawed. Wanting for the new features also gets increased. For a banking application, Speed, simplification, and flexibility in transactions are very important.

  • Security Infringement:
  • Security is one of the major concerns for customers to trust online banking because of the frequent cyber attacks in recent years.

  • Pandemic Crisis:
  • When the Covid -19 outbreak happened, the pandemic situation led to direct banking transactions. That's when neo-banking was there to help people with all types of financial support.

  • Lengthy Signup And Verification Process:
  • People may just leave the application if the registration process itself is a complicated and confusing one. So, Simplifying particularly these portions is one important thing to consider.

  • Decrees and Regulations:
  • Every fintech app faces compliance challenges. Getting it right is generally time-consuming, confusing, and expensive. Many countries do not have a single fintech-centric regulation that app developers must follow.


Our Approach

When the challenges are found, we have to fulfill them with adequate features and flexible usage. The appearance of the app is also equally important.

UX and UI:-

  • The importance of visibility cannot be overstated. At the same time, It is combined with user experience.
  • Both looks and feel of the app determine its market success and get satisfied, happy users. Sometimes, banks focus more on databases and other entities without giving equal importance to the UX and UI.
  • That makes most applications fail even though building-wise it was excellent. If the customer is impressed with the mobile app service, it will be a more beneficial thing for both customers and the business.

Tech Stack For The Mobile App



React Native






My Sql




App Features

The neo banking mobile application features are different from a physical bank’s app. Because they offer different services, these kinds of banks mostly rely on fully online and instant simplified banking. That's how this app is designed for its needs.


  • Save and grow your money with people you trust by stashing your cash. You can earn up to 4.5% annually. Stash helps you with customized saving accounts either personal or group to save money as an investment.

Solo Stash

These are personal stashes. The user can choose their saving goals fully under their control. A user can have a maximum of 5 stashes either group or solo.

Group Stash

Group stashes are social ways to save money. It also allows users to invite friends and family to join a group stash so that they can contribute to whatever they're saving up for.


Time Deposits:-

The time deposit is similar to a savings account but earns a much higher interest the longer you keep it with us.

  • 6% is the annual interest rate.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Get 1% annual interest instead if you withdraw early.
  • Add money to the account, and the money along with the interest will be added back to the account.
  • Interest calculation = P*R*T(investment amount*interest rate*term of TD in /days in a year).


The simplicity of this feature and the minimal documentation requirements make it more appealing. Just select the loan type — authorize your face ID — upload your ID card — verify it. Here are the various loan options.

Loan Features:-

  • Fast approval and real-time disbursement to your tonic account.

  • Loan amounts from 5000 to 50,000 peso

  • Minimal documents required - only 1 valid ID and 1-month payslip.

  • Flexible payments date - your preferred salary payout date.

  • 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months installment.

  • 100% digital - all loan info can be seen on the app.

  • One bank account for application and cash disbursement.

  • The fixed monthly interest rate of 7% Enjoy a lover monthly interest rate of 5.42% when you link your salary payroll ATM card.

  • Top up your main account. Get autodebited on your due date.

  • Installment Loans:-
  • Once the lender accepts a borrower's application, they can receive a lump sum amount. In EMI installments, they repay the loan over a set period of time.

  • Quick Loan:-
  • Quick loans are typically unsecured loans, the user doesn’t need to pledge any collateral to secure the loan. The application process can be accomplished in minutes. The users can avail of up to 50,000 pesos.

  • Big loan:-
  • The loan is secured by the property. An asset pledged as collateral secures the loan. An asset can either be land, a house, or commercial property. Until the entire loan against the property is repaid, the asset remains the lender's collateral.

  • Shop Installments:-
  • It's a new loan scheme to suit the financial needs of customers who purchase products from commercial shops. It’s a reliable loan for the big purchases you deserve.

Top up (Wallet):-

Having a wallet brings out lots of benefits. The money transfer and miscellaneous payments are done instantly.

Wallet Options

  • Other bank debit card
  • Online transaction
  • Over-the-counter partners


  • To another bank
  • To another customer
  • Over-the-Counter partners


Our goal is to make the application a highly secure, risk-free, and time-saving digital application. By adding new and unique features to the app, becoming a helpful banking app for customers and clients, and achieving marketing goals, Soft Suave achieved its goal.

The application came out with great outcomes and achieved business goals also by gaining millions of users and 4.8 ratings in the Google play store from customers all around the world. The clients are satisfied and the customers are benefited from the product made by Soft Suave.

Are you ready to revolutionize digital banking with next-level security? Dive into our case study and discover how to make it happen!

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