Our client was a MedTech start-up and leading provider of online healthcare across borders. The client wanted to democratize access to advanced healthcare management for everyone with the help of mobile solutions and promote healthcare through innovation in telemedicine

The chief objective of the client was to connect healthcare professionals with patients and to have video calls on topics of health and well-being.


Client Requirement

The client approached Soft Suave to develop an interactive and easy-to-use telemedicine app on Android and iOS platform. The client demanded the app allow qualified doctors to register and get in touch with patients that have set up appointments based on the area of concern, such as psychology or general practitioner.

As the world was stuck by pandemic, the client wanted futuristic features and functionalities that deliver state-of-the-art technology to people worldwide.


Salient Features of App


Easy sign-up and onboarding


View and schedule appointments


End-to-end encrypted audio/video calls


Quick remote online consultation


Chat with doctors during video calls.


Secure online payment


Promoting healthcare through innovative healthcare solutions is an ambiguous task. The development team at Soft Suave overcame all the hassles with the help of proficient tech expertise and experience.

  • China’s ban on all VoIP services except those done through China Unicom and China Telecom made us navigate from CallKit to another supportive VoIP service.
  • The competition in the online doctor consultation market was the biggest challenge.
  • Scheduling appointments and organizing online consultation with doctors from anywhere and anytime.

Soft Suave Solutions

Soft Suave developed a highly responsive cross-platform healthcare app for both iOS and Android platform. It was equipped with the latest technology, offering: quality, safety and reliability for the online interaction between professionals and patients. Through the innovation of Telemedicine, Soft Suave developed an all-app-based consultation for patients to receive healthcare from anywhere, at any time.

All the users have to do is download the app, select the area of healthcare, choose from a wide range of experts, and schedule a consultation. After the payment, they will be connected through the app at the scheduled time via video call with the healthcare professional.

  • Built a cross-platform mobile App that saved time and money for the client.
  • Developed an online doctor consultation system that allowed users to search for doctors by specialty, location, schedule appointments, and get an online consultation.
  • Facilitated doctors to attend patients virtually from anywhere via video call.
  • Soft Suave designed a UI that gave patients’ maximum value in fewer steps.
  • To improve the doctor’s management experience, Soft Suave developed a dashboard with the best user interaction using a minimal design approach.
  • Integrated “Stripe” payment gateway to process the payments for appointment scheduling seamlessly.
  • Designed an appointment management system that allows doctors to set their own schedule and earn additional income.
  • Allowed patients to upload pictures of problems, reports, lab results, prescriptions and other documents to share with the doctors.
  • Integrated chat to help doctors communicate with patients and transfer prescriptions easily.
  • Integrated video call waiting notification – Pop up for patients if the doctor has arrived in the virtual consultation room and Pop up for doctors if the patients are waiting for consultation.

Bringing Delight to Customers

  • Soft Suave went above and beyond to develop a satiable solution that brought patients and healthcare professionals closer together.
  • Accomplished the client’s mission to promote the value of life through technology that offered agile and cutting-edge care, breaking barriers of time and space.
  • Empowered healthcare providers worldwide to offer quality care through audio and video consultation from anywhere, anytime.

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