Client Overview

Our client was a Danish company dedicated to bringing long-lasting and effective changes in health by developing a healthcare platform based on their years of experience in telemedicine projects.

Their goal was to create a platform that is smarter to cooperate across municipalities-across health professionals and with citizens.

Existing Challenges

Danish municipalities confronted complications in providing anticipated medical attention to their citizens due to varied reasons.

  • Aging population in the municipalities were unable to visit hospitals regularly.
  • Expansion of population to remote areas restricted citizens to interact with healthcare professionals.
  • Short supply of specialists in the medical field led to unattended medical.
  • Providing transportation to patients or mobilizing care providers was very costly and inefficient.

Client Requirements

The client required a new infrastructure to improve conditions for health professionals and citizens in various municipalities in Denmark.

  • Reduce the dependency of care on geography and bring right services to the patients regardless of wherever they may be.
  • Creating better terms for both healthcare professionals and citizens.
  • Creating a community based on a patient-focused platform for Collection, Sharing, and Collaboration between all parties around the patient.
  • Keep medical records & summary of patients visiting the healthcare professional for better diagnosis and treatment.

Soft Suave’s Solution

Soft Suave took over the implementation of healthcare platform to build a system that can better everyday life for patients with health problems. The solution was built in the web, iOS, and Android for different types of users Employees, Citizen, and Hospital admin.

Key Features

Video call

  • Video call was seamlessly integrated to provide reliable, multi-platform video environment specifically designed towards facilitating real-time, face-to-face interaction in a very user-friendly way.
  • Video module was attached to MDM and made to collect statistics on its use to the platform’s virtual storage and support module.
  • Video visit is a secure module with role-based security management that complies with health legislation, data handling, and privacy law.


  • Citizens can do own measurements using Telehealth, for example, lung capacity, heart rate, blood pressure, weight etc. All measurements can be made via Bluetooth connection of all essential appliances for chronic patients.
  • The devices will be attached to mobile devices and can be viewed by the healthcare professionals using video call facility.

Questionnaire Form

  • Based on the citizen’s habitual mode they can calculate a triage colour. The triage colour is displayed on a monitor panel and in the call center.
  • A dynamic schema module supports the module where the municipality/region can build schedules for employee monitoring or a or a citizen self-monitoring with triage during the treatment.

Existing Challenges

Modules used for implementing the below features to the solution are


Citizen Management

Details of citizens are saved here for reference.

Booking Appointments

Citizens can book appointments of specialist doctors using this feature.

Role Management

Patients are created by admin and doctor and doctors are in turn created by the super admin with their roles.

Start Summary

Patients health summaries are documented from the first visit.

Treatment Templates

Different health condition templates to ease the communication.

Journal Note

Healthcare professional could create a note to the citizen using Journal note with the fields date, title, and a note.


Citizens can create goals and follow-up to achieve the goal.


Graphs integrated shows the pictorial representation of the condition of a patient in a specific category (Diabetes, BP, Weight etc.) during a pafiicular time period using chafi.js.


Here various psychiatric questions are asked to find out citizen’s mental condition and graphs are drawn based on the reply.


Intensity of pain in various pafis of the body is analyzed by the doctor through telehealth using graph models.


Doctors and patients create To-do list to keep a track of daily activities.

Shared Documents

Documents related to the patient is saved in the app and the documents are shared only between the doctor and the pafiicular patient.


Records device name and purpose of each device with the measurement taken for future reference.

Decision Tree

Healthcare professionals’ decision-making hierarchy is recorded here which can be viewed and changed by the hospital admin or employees.


Doctors can save their prescription with dosage and no. of days which can be accessed by the doctor and the patient.


Each citizen can download their report for a particular period.


Citizen’s relatives’ details can be logged here.


Doctors can view all the treatments in which they were involved or only those treatments in which they were the primary contact person.

Planned Leave

Doctors can update their planned leave so that citizens can plan their booking accordingly.

Common Plans

Doctor and citizen can update their plans so that both pafiies are aware of each other’s plan.


To ensure Inline Documentation of RESTful web APIs and to verify the seamless functioning of APIs.


Bringing Delight To The Client

Danish municipalities experienced a good change with the introduction of the new solution. This helped our client accomplish their goals in service as well as in business.

  • Effciency

    Created new, long-lasting and more effcient services by eliminating ineffciencies and patient discomfort associated with unnecessary transportation or visits.

  • Flexibility

    Employees, citizens, and relatives were given access to exactly what they need, in terms of their health and care needs.

  • Intuitiveness

    User-friendly app which is intuitively easier to use even for older generations.

  • Openness

    Supports integration and data exchange with strategic partners.

  • Consistent Revenue Growth

    The solution is now being used by closely 25 Danish municipalities bringing estimated annual revenue of $1 million.

Download this practical case study to learn how our exceptional Healthcare app solution for our client simplified telemedicine across municipalities.

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