Virujh is an online consultation App that empowers doctors and healthcare providers to offer high-quality care virtually. This consultation app lets doctors & patients schedule & accept appointments, fix online consultations and offers downloadable ePrescription.

The negative outcome of COVID-19 imposed small and medium healthcare providers to work behind closed doors. This online consultation app emerged as a winner to help doctors offer virtual consultation from anywhere, anytime.

Client Requirement

Client approached Soft Suave to build a health care solution to act as an efficient doctor & patient consultation platform. The key objective was to offer a time-saving consultation App for doctors to provide quality online check-up to patients.

The ultimate goal of this app was to keep the patient and doctors engaged, on a daily basis, via an interactive online tool.


Soft Suave's Solution

Soft Suave teamed up with a pool of talented developers to build a Mobile App for doctors to offer online consultation seamlessly.

  • This online doctor consultation app saves time and money by providing 24/7 access to doctors.
  • This online doctor consultation system allows users to search for doctors by specialty, and location to ultimately schedule appointments.
  • Doctors can attend patients virtually from anywhere via video call.
  • To improve the doctor’s management experience, Soft Suave developed a dashboard with the best user interaction using a minimal design approach.
  • Designed an appointment management system that allows doctors to set their own schedule and earn additional income.
  • Integrated chat to help doctors communicate with patients and transfer prescriptions easily.
  • Allowed patients to obtain downloadable PDF prescriptions from doctors.
  • Soft Suave designed a UI that gave patient’s maximum value in fewer steps.
  • Facilitated doctors to send prescriptions through chat.
  • Allowed patients to upload pictures of problems, reports, lab results, prescriptions and other documents to share with the doctors.
  • Integrated video call waiting notification – Pop up for patients if doctor has arrived in the virtual consultation room and Pop up for doctors if the patients are waiting for consultation.

Technology Stack Used

  • The lack of digital view – 360-degree view declined the sales numbers.
  • Many customers refused to seal a deal due to lack of PDF viewer for property document and contract document.
  • The application was built using Firebase thus, database download and storage was a challenge.
  • Lack of back-end support created a lot of confusion during implementation.

Bringing Delight to Customers

Soft Suave Solutions

The innovative developers at Soft Suave developed solutions that were affordable for the client and fulfilled all the primary business goals.

  • The developers created a 360-degree view for client’s properties. This digitalization allowed customers to have a detailed picture of the properties.
  • CRM was developed successfully to manage the client’s properties effectively.
  • iOS application was developed with minimalistic features to keep track of all the online activities.
  • Loggers were created to track the modifications in the Database. As there was no server support, cloud function was used to develop automated logger entry.
  • The proficient developers at Soft Suave used SQL lite to make the application usable in Offline.
Online Consultation App

Bringing Delight to the Client

The team of skilful developers at Soft Suave went the extra mile and provided innovative and delightful solutions to the client.

  • Offline app usage was initiated to allow customers to use the application even without the internet. In addition, SQL lite was integrated for high-performance.
  • Separate web apps for client’s internal and external usage was developed. Admins used the internal app to manage clients and clients used external app in the form of a dedicated web app to hunt properties.

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