A Step-by-step Guide For Successful Taxi Booking App Development

The application development industry is disrupting many industries with the mandatory need for mobile apps in their business. According to Statista, apps will generate an overall revenue of over $935 billion worldwide by 2023. In 2020, this revenue is expected to reach $581.9 billion. Considering the demand for mobile applications, it would be no surprise if the expected revenue were achieved in the 1st half of 2020.  Every start-up that is booming nowadays is launching mobile apps to stay in touch with their customers regularly. This state is making traditional companies and businesses to adapt to the development of a mobile application.

A Guide To Kickstart Taxi Booking Mobile App Development:-

Over the past few years, the taxi services have gained momentum, mainly with the increase in the usage of Taxis. The competition is growing progressively as the companies are investing a tremendous amount of money considering the returns from the taxi booking services. A handy taxi booking application is a necessary tool for all companies that has an idea to start a taxi business using an Uber-like app clone. If you are looking to develop an application, delivering a valuable product like a taxi booking app with the help of the latest technology is the best way to gain customer trust and support.

A taxi booking application can be developed using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS technologies. These MEAN stack technologies will help the owners manage their taxi business efficiently with any hassles.

Before choosing to build a taxi booking application, it is essential to understand the nature of your business. If you are an established company who own cars and drivers, you only will need an application to extend your service to a mobile version for customers to book at ease.

If you are not a well-established company but want to provide an independent booking service, you need to invest on a considerable package that comprises of frontend, backend, UI & UX and server assistance. Moreover, you need to collaborate with several taxi companies and offer them your application with two interfaces – one for the taxi drivers and the other for the riders. In order for you to stay in this high competitive market, developing advanced panels, consoles and application that support taxi-booking support are the only solution.

Finally, if you are thinking about developing a taxi booking application, it is better to understand the value your app will add to the taxi booking business and build Uber-like apps with the great features for Android and iPhone.

Essential Features for a Successful Taxi Booking App Development:

A taxi booking application must possess a few essential features that contribute to the success of the application. These features provide all round performance to the application that covers customers, drivers and admin base.

  • Geolocation Integration: Geolocation integration in the first and foremost feature that is essential when you develop a taxi booking application. It facilitates a driver to find where the rider wants a pick-up and helps the passenger to know where his allocated driver is travelling. Integrating geolocation will not only help in tracking but also in finding the best possible route to reach the destination set by the riders without any hassles. Geolocation will also add an extra level of trust for your application as it will support the customers or riders to share their location with their trusted personnel and can feel safe during the travel time in the taxi.
  • Fare Calculation: Integrating the fare calculation feature is entirely beneficial for the riders. It will facilitate customers to calculate the cost that will incur for their future rides and plan accordingly. Fare calculation involves the type of vehicle chosen for the trip, base fare, cost per kilometre/mile and other miscellaneous costs.
  • Notifications: The notifications are the best way to connect with your customers in terms of marketing and communication. It also helps you to motivate them with coupons and convince them to push your competitors and use your taxi booking application.
  • Reviews page: To make your taxi-booking app reliable, it is vital to collect reviews from your riders and users of the application. Adding a specific page to highlight the positive reviews is necessary. Likewise, it is incumbent to address the negative reviews and take the right actions to solve it and make the client satisfied and loyal to your taxi booking application. Irrespective of the tone used, every review should be transparently displayed in the reviews page to gain the trust of the application users.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling is the type of customisation that should be integrated into your taxi booking application. It helps the riders to schedule their ride in advance and reach their destination on time. Moreover, if the customers want to avoid the peak hour traffic while taxi booking, scheduling feature gives them an option to choose their ride in advance so they can seamlessly reach home according to their plans.
  • Payment Options: The ride is complete only after the payment is made. To make the payment process easier and hassle-free, there must be several payment options that have to be given to your riders to choose from and pay. A few wallets, net banking, debit/credit card and other variety of options like cash payment are the must-have features to be integrated into your taxi booking application. Payment gateways have to be integrated to allow the riders to feel secure when they make payment for their rides.

Advanced Application, Consoles, and Panels to keep you Ahead of the Competition:

To keep up with the competition you must develop several application, consoles and panels for customers, drivers, and admin. This will allow the respective personnel to have command over their features and use the taxi services to the fullest potential.

Customer Application

Rent a Car:

This enables the customer that wants comfort at a cost, to rent a car for a specific duration of time by selecting the type of vehicle according to the destination and customer needs.

Fare Estimate:

This feature helps customers to have clarity on the estimated amount for the ride yet to be taken and time of the vehicle arrival.

Panic button:

Assuring your riders with a safe ride is one of the best features in a taxi booking application. Providing them with a panic button is even better in case of any emergencies.

Call Driver:

This app will help customers to call a driver if they need any clarification or assistance regarding the ride or the taxi service.

Taxi App - Customer Application - Soft SUave

Driver Application

Taxi App - Driver Application - Soft SUave

Doc Uploading:

Drivers can upload their documents using the application for the verification process. The admin verifies and approves so the drivers can start providing services.


The earnings reports of the drivers can be seen on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The mode of payment transaction will also be visible for the drivers for clarifications

Real-time Map:

Real-time maps are integrated into the application to make the ride more accessible and to find the best route to reach the customer waiting to be picked up.

Invoice Details:

Invoices will be generated for the trips made by the drivers. The drivers can view all the payment details and charges involved in the rides exclusively.

Admin Console

Admin Dashboard:

This powerful dashboard has all the real-time data, graphical insights and trackers to make the taxi service hassle-free for the drivers and the customers.

Mark Green and Red Zones:

The admin marks “green zone” for airports and stations to provide uninterrupted services and “red zone” a few places to disable the services.

Scheduled Requests:

The scheduled requests with all the details including the payment modes, customer details of the ride come to the notice of the admin.

Approved & Unapproved:

The documents uploaded by the drivers will be available here for admin to approve or unapproved upon necessary verification.

Taxi App Admin Panel - Soft Suave

Customer Panel

Taxi App Customer Panel - Soft Suave

Loyalty Rewards:

Loyal customers must be rewarded with coupons and digital codes. This will help the customers with discounts and free rides, which directly will motivate them to increase their rides in the future.

Vehicle Type:

This feature allows the customers or riders to choose the vehicle type they are interested to make their ride comfortable and affordable.

Choose Driver:

This add on feature of choosing preferred drivers helps the riders choose their most comfortable rider from past and book their taxi to reach their destination comfortably


The riders can view the history of their past rides that includes all the places they have visited along with the payment details.

Driver Panel

Manage Driver:

The drivers can adding their latest profile pictures and edit their security information like passwords with this feature.

Bank Details:

The admin transfers the earnings of the drivers securely to the bank account. The bank account can be added by the drivers using this feature.

Manage Vehicles:

The drivers will be able to manage their vehicle details by editing the colour, type and number of the car.

Earning Details:

The drivers can check their daily, weekly and monthly earnings details through a dashboard that helps them to increase their rides depending on their respective targets.

Taxi App Driver Panel - Soft Suave

Summing up:

The features mentioned above will check all the boxes if you have decided to create a budget taxi booking application with a few necessary advanced features. Soft Suave is the leading taxi booking application development company in India that has 200+ experienced developers’ expertise in all latest technologies. We also help in consolidating your ideas and bringing the best application according to your business plans at an affordable cost. Book your demo to launch your Uber clone app at an affordable price. It is never too late to start your taxi app development with Soft Suave right away considering the rising demand in the application development industry.


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