Our client, is a leading global construction, facility management, and council management service company operating in Australia, specializing in a wide range of commercial landscape service.

One of the skilled and experienced landscape construction and management firms in Australia, they comprise multiple teams and professional managers. Mapping from beginning to end, they engage the best talents and provide the best management plan suiting to the specific needs of clients.

Challenges Faced

Urban development projects demand well-planned and pre-scheduled processes that make optimal use of time and resources. Planning and using human wealth and plant and equipment requires strategic planning in advance.

  • Being a labor-oriented business with employees operating in varied geographical locations, resource managing proved difficult.
  • Tracking the start and end time of employees for processing their payment had to be balanced with monitoring their work quality
  • Vehicles and plants involved in the maintenance processes required to be monitored for ensuring availability and good repair.
  • Creating and managing jobs and tracking specific job logs and job hours proved to be challenging.
  • Monitoring employees’ work status, breaks, and completion required a real-time, online system.
  • Involving several employees, the nature of work demanded a reliable third-party payroll and accounts management system.

Client Requirements

The clients’ efficient business management required a constant, regular monitoring process that enabled real-time tracking of plants, employees, and processes according to varied jobs’ start and end times.

  • Automation of the manual process of time tracking that shows job details and clocked hours, and breaks taken.
  • Improved, automated vehicle management system that uses visual assistance for monitoring.
  • Synchronization with reliable third-party payroll and accounts management system that streamlines the entire attendance and payment cycle.
  • An efficient monitoring system that empowers user management under a hierarchical administrative model.
  • A reliable database for employee details, job details, and working hours —along with a dashboard showing a liye tracker.

Solution Provided by Soft Suave

Having understood the specific needs of the client, Soft Suave set out to work on a time-based system that not only improved their processes but also enabled them to integrate with a third-party payroll and accounts system, thus ensuring increased productivity and improved administrative efficiency.

Making use of the most modern mobile technology, Soft Suave provided robust mobility solution that facilitated comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and evaluating of the various jobs and works involved in the clients’ business environment.

The mobile app created by Soft Suave helped streamline the activities and integrated the information with xero.com, the efficient payroll and accounts management service system. This improved the productivity and efficiency considerably.

  • The web and mobile app eased the administrative burden and hierarchical control was established that helped track jobs and works.
  • Real-time employee tracking app helped in reducing administrative costs, and time fraud was eliminated.
  • Calculation of working hours with time of clocking in and out was automated, increasing the accuracy while reducing resource requirement.
  • Provision for uploading images in the app ensured that vehicle and plant condition was monitored; this resulted in improved upkeep of vehicles and plants
  • Synchronization led to automated update of data from the web and mobile app with xero payroll system. This ensured that payment process was streamlined and manual intervention was avoided.
  • Automated fortnightly reports generation enabled sending details to xero — weekly managers’ data and fortnightly employees’ data.
  • Alerts and reminders for prompting job start and end became possible.
  • Provision for automatic closure by server has been facilitated in the event of mobile device going faulty.
  • Admin can view the work performed by managers and employees while managers may view that of employees.

Bringing Delight to the Client

The mobility and web solutions provided by Soft Suave ensured that the client’s issues were resolved, while bringing in several added benefits:


Improved Payment Process

With automated time tracking and regular report generation, payment process became accurate, relieving the client from the hassles of manual resource management.


Employee Productivity

With push notifications prompting clock in and clock out, employees’ adherence to the time stipulation improved greatly, thus resulting in increased productivity.


Resource Requirement

Automation and time-oriented operations assured that resources were reduced and profitability increased.


Time & Attendance Tracking

C reating and managing jobs according to time and assessing employees’ productivity have become easy.


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