Client Requirement

Our client is one of the top companies in the Real Estate industry, who combines protection and technological innovation in the house rental and property market in Malaysia and serves customers like property owners, landlords and tenants. The client came with requirements to enhance features in their Web Application and Mobile application.

Then as the Client was using multiple third party applications like JIRA & HUBSPOT, that were expensive and had fewer options they came up with a requirement to build an in-house Ticket Management System and CRM application to cut back their prices and have several customized features as per their business needs. The client also wanted to modify their front-end from Thymeleaf framework to React.



  • Bug fixes were essential before beginning with the feature enhancements in their Web Application
  • As several developers were operating Frontend and Backend on the Single Application Development, communication and coordination were very important.
  • Starting from scratch to develop an app with the same features as their third party app and several customized feature was a challenging task.
  • Creating Customized CRM application with trigger alerts for a few personalized features.
  • Creating innovative features for the customer usage of the Mobile Application.

Soft Suave's Approach

Promoting healthcare through innovative healthcare solutions is an ambiguous task. The development team at Soft Suave overcame all the hassles with the help of proficient tech expertise and experience.

  • Soft Suave completed the Backend coding in the Ticket Management System and later started few front-end functionalities to work, which made it easy for the opposite developers to work Frontend with ease
  • Soft Suave designed several backend and frontend features in the mobile app that helped in streamlining the activities for the customers.
  • CRM application with many customized features was built in accordance with the requirement of the client.
  • Soft Suave’s developer was urged to be hired by the client to work alongside their other group of developers behind the Application.

Soft Suave Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Soft Suave designed several backend and frontend features in the mobile app that helped in streamlining the activities for the customers.

  • Ticket Management System – Home Application
  • KANBAN – An In-house Application for ticket management system was built with many innovative features designed to meet various needs.

  • Mobile Application Enhancements.
  • A Dedicated developer was assigned by Soft Suave to work frontend and backend for the changes shared by the client.

  • Smooth Transition in Front-end
  • An expert team was assigned to make the switching process easier and smoother from Thymeleaf framework to React. The transition was a great success.


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