Soft Suave has a long partnership with the client-the world's leading freelancer website, having millions of registered freelancers and clients with plenty of jobs posted annually.

The client is renowed for providing a platform for the companies and freelancers to connect and enter into a service relationship with one another. This platform offer a high annual income for the freelancers and a fast-growing skill-sets for the companies each year.

Existing Challenges

  • The client encountered impediments while creating a new monetization methodology to streamline business operations.
  • Being a high traffic website, it was a demanding task to manage their bulk subscriptions, value-points, and transactions.
  • Payment failure sangs occured while renewing subscription plans.
  • Faced difficulties in creating an efficient VAT administration for different countries.
  • No integrated technical support solution to handle freelancer subscription concerns.

Client Requirements

  • The client desired to introduce user-based auto subscription plans to be competitive over others in the market.
  • Integrate user subscription plans with other systems to promote freelancers to win jobs easily.
  • Facility to handle bulk users and subscriptions.

Soft Suave’s Solution

Soft Suave was perfectly poised to provide both the technology and systems expertise to monetize the client website. The extended association with the client meant that Soft Suave was familiar with current systems, processes and practices in place and this helped to add substantial modifications and updates at the operational level with an end to end technical solution.

  • Developed modules using microservice architecture integrated with different APIs.
  • Modernized legacy systems implemented auto-subscription models integrating with events and APIs.
  • Modified monetization batch instances to the latest for creating payment and subscription events.
  • Created expiry trigger for subscription batch to publish expiry events.
  • Implemented API for purchasing value-points and handling transactions.
  • Implemented subscription event-log to differentiate between upgraded and initial subscription.
  • Validated subscriptions with promocode for managing offers and discounts.
  • Created specific endpoints for renewal of membership plans and service fees.
  • Generated light-weight end-point to fetch current subscription for the user.
  • Maintenance of subscriptions and value-points is still being handled by Soft Suave by performing free subscription performance test periodically.



Bringing Delight to the Client

Soft Suave's solution has made a significant positive impact on 3 important metrics.

Customer Experience:

Reduces downtime hence ensuring a good user experience.

Streamlined Business:

Automating business processes using automated reminders and member self-service increased efficiency and saved time.

Amplified revenue:

Brought approximately $10 million recursive revenue yearly.


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