Our client was a start-up eCommerce company that wanted to offer unmatched online shopping experience to customers and provide door delivery under 60-minutes for a vast range of products such as groceries, farm-fresh vegetables & fruits, beverages, personal & baby care, meat, fish and home essentials.

They also wanted to make shopping hassle-free and doorstep delivery in a matter of a few clicks.


App Highlights

We leveraged all the robust features and functionalities to build a remarkable eCommerce platform that paved the way for our client to manage a profitable business.


Live order, pick-up and delivery tracking


Intuitive UI to showcase 1000+ products


Choice to schedule orders by the end-users


Options to edit or change confirmed orders before delivery


Custom themes to create an interactive platform


Custom features to satisfy business needs

Client Requirements

  • To provide flawless product information management that describes the availability of products and pricing precisely.
  • Inaugurate automated order assignment to shoppers, which enables them to deliver customer-preferred products under a short time.
  • Develop an easy-to-use app that does not consume too much of battery power and offers efficient order processing for the shopper.
  • Offer a provision to split an order for multiple products and assign them to different shoppers according to proximity and time needed for delivery.


  • Implementing multi-vendor in the grocery business was a challenge
  • Product mapping was challenging in the multi-vendor marketplace, as the inventory list has to be accurate, and any mismatch can become costly for the business.
  • Maintaining a frequently updated list of products through catalogue management.
  • Efficient geolocation and order tracking for shoppers and their respective orders.
  • Displaying 1000+ products in the storefront for customers was a challenge.


  • Developed a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace solution that offered unlimited customizability.
  • Developed a reliable and efficient solution for Web, Android, and iOS platform that facilitated ordering, shopping and timely delivery of products.
  • Offered real-time inventory management to track and match the products in the inventory list.
  • Integrated customized trigger to push notifications based on location to intimate about product availability, offers, and discounts.

Specific Features

Soft Suave helped the client to integrate highly interactive and scalable features with the customer-friendly design approach. Below are the four most essential panels that comprise of all the features of customer, marketplace owner/admin, vendor, and shopper/delivery personnel.

  • Customer Mobile App & Website
  • Admin Panel
  • Vendor Panel
  • Shopper App

Customer Mobile App & Website

The customer mobile app was a digital business solution that helped customers to shop without any hassles. Moreover, as the website was simple, the client was able to attract many customers to shop.

Multiple Payment Options:

Integrated a payment gateway that supported numerous payment options like COD, eWallet, credit & debit cards.

Cart Customization:

This feature enabled customers to edit their orders even after placing a confirmed order.

Interactive UI/UX Design for Easy Shopping:

Offered interactive UI/UX design to improve customers’ buying experience.

Product Listing:

Displaying all things that can be purchased in a category-wise manner attracted customers’ attention and helped them make their choice easily.

Common Marketplace Storefront:

To make the shopping experience easier the website lists all the products from different vendors on one common marketplace website.

Coupon Codes, and Discounts:

Integrated gift coupons and discounts on the website to attract potential customers into buying.

Single-page Checkout:

Integrated single-page checkout that displayed all elements including cart contents, billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on one page.


Unlimited wish List:

Customers can add unlimited products to their wish list and buy them later.

Custom Filters:

Customers can add custom filters to find their desired product without refreshing the list.

OTP Login:

Allowed customers to use mobile numbers and log in using OTP to access their profile and shop on the website.

Schedule & Reschedule Orders:

Facilitated customers to schedule and reschedule orders based on their requirements.

Admin Panel

The admin panel helped admin to work seamlessly and control all the activities in the multi-vendor platform.

Unified Admin Console:

Integrated all the features into a single administrative console that helped admin to manage customers, vendors, and shoppers.

Real-time Inventory Management:

Products were mapped to allow stocks and inventory to be updated in real-time.

Automated Order Assignment:

Enabled automated order assignment to allow dedicated shoppers to pick products from the closest stores and achieve quick delivery.


Vendor Management:

Allowed admin to manage different vendors inside the marketplace.

Commission Management:

Facilitated admin to process adaptive vendor payouts and commissions.

Shopper and Delivery Management:

Developed scalable multi-vendor delivery platform that allowed the admin to control and dispatch drivers according to orders.


The admin can get reports that offer stock details, sales figures to commission rates.

Promotional Ads & Banners:

Develop attractive promotional ads & banners to reach customers and help them buy more.

Search Engine Optimization:

Admin was allowed to add Meta tags & description, Alt tags, and titles to make the site SEO friendly.

Vendor Panel

The vendor panel features facilitated the vendors to manage their products quickly and grow their business exponentially.

Vendor Dashboard:

Developed separate dashboard for vendors to manage their own listings, profile page info, logo and images, shipping zones, methods and rates, and get personalized reports.

Product Management:

We made it easy for vendors to manage millions of product listings.

Vendor Product Management:

Vendors can upload new products, manage the existing products, and delete old products listed on the website using the vendor panel.

Shopper App

The features in the shopper app were customized to make the delivery process easier for the shoppers. The robust features ensured orders were delivered on time.

Delivery Mobile App :

Developed a delivery mobile app to make the delivery process easier for the delivery personnel.

Live chat & call :

Integrated live chat & call for shoppers/delivery personnel to communicate with customers for any clarifications and vice versa.

Google maps for navigation :

Integrated Google Maps for shoppers to leverage while delivering orders.

Real-time Geo tracking :

Enabled geo-tracking to track shoppers and orders in real-time.



The innovative tech-driven solutions contributed to the positive impact on the client’s business. The client was able to offer an exceptional multi-vendormarketplace for customers to shop hassle-free and vendors to manage seamlessly.

Technologies Used

Soft Suave's solution has made a significant positive impact on 3 important metrics.

Architectural Design


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