Client Overview

Our client was a Startup from the USA. They were dejected with the business model, followed by current online platforms that display many collections and confuse customers while shopping. This resulted in wastage of money and time on a product they did not like and did not match their style. The client’s primary goal was to build mobile applications for women’s clothing & accessories.

They wanted the app to assist customers in the form of a virtual stylist,help them choose the products they love, and display products that match their preference & taste. The client precisely wanted mobile applications that help customers to make quick decisions and lead them into sales.


Client Requirement

The client wanted to develop an eCommerce mobile application for both Android & iOS. They also wanted a web application for the admin to manage all the activities on mobile applications.

  • Create match-lists for customers by coding & linking the preferences (answers) provided while signing-up.
  • Create a survey and integrate it into a mobile app to understand the preference and taste of the customers.
  • Create a subscription model for customers to get personalized clothing, accessories, and fashion suggestions.
  • Develop an admin panel to manually update clothing, oversee client details, and send personalized suggestions to customers.
  • Develop a secure and fast payment gateway for customers to pay without any hassles.
  • Integrate swipe right and left features for product selection and rejection.
  • Create automated filters based on the inputs received while signing up.

Existing Challenges

The developers faced a couple of challenges while developing mobile applications and integrating innovative features.

  • Creating different logics based on various categories was a challenge.
  • Building match system API - Coding and creating filters for individual customers using the survey response, likes, and dislikes.
  • The secure payment was allowed on the website and not on the application. Redirecting to the website using an in-app browser was a challenge.
  • Adding custom API for every action done on the application
  • Configuring WordPress based on survey answers and products available on sale.

Soft Suave Solutions

Soft Suave took over the eCommerce app development and implemented innovative features that helped the client achieve their business goal. The solution was built on the Web, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Developed Web Application for admin to manage the mobile app and the users.
  • Developed a robust app for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Created secure payment redirection on the website.
  • Created custom APIs for all the features integrated into the application.
  • Created different logics to make sure every individual receives personalized matches according to their preference.
  • Interactive and smooth UI/UX was developed from scratch.

Technologies & Frameworks



Bringing Delight to the Client

Our client was able to achieve excellent results in a short span, although they were a startup. Developers at Soft Suave made sure to delight the client with many suggestions and innovative solutions.

  • Trendy UI/UX designs were built from scratch by developers at Soft Suave.
  • Allowing users to add reviews for the disliked products will allow the personalized stylist to send filtered images.
  • Allowing users to edit their survey answers after signing in was a successful feature suggestion.
  • Allowing Admin to update products and send personalized suggestions to users was the most appreciated feature initiated by our creative developers.

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