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Soft Suave Connects, Secures and Simplifies

Ranked top among the healthcare mobile app development service providers in the world, Soft Suave connects mobile apps and healthcare providers in a robust and real way. Our team of mobile app development experts and skilled healthcare app developers offer assistance in healthcare strategies and simplify the implementation.

We take pride in creating mobile health apps that are compliant with healthcare regulations benefiting patients and providers simultaneously. Soft Suave’s core focus is to make the future of healthcare easier for everyone, from any location and with any device.

Healthcare Application Development Company
Healthcare Mobile App Development Solutions by Soft Suave

Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

We address the efficiency needs of the healthcare industry systematically and help companies revolutionize their medical devices with smart, intuitive and risk-mitigating companion apps. We also help in designing customized mHealth mobile app solutions according to your business needs.

Our healthcare mobility solutions include various futuristic healthcare and wellness apps that are loved by patients and trusted by doctors. This makes us the leading healthcare app development company.

We are authoritative in application development, application management and infrastructure monitoring relating to mHealth apps.

Application Development Company Soft Suave

Application Development

We leverage custom development services, understanding the complexity of the healthcare application space.

Application Management Company Soft Suave

Application Management

Technicalized team expertise in industry-standard best practices for application support and management.

Infrastructure Monitoring Company Soft Suave

Infrastructure Monitoring

From servers to bandwidth, we completely monitor your IT infrastructure 24*7.

Our Success Stories

We have been assisting our clients in meeting their unique requirements by addressing their challenges and creating just the right mHealth solutions.

Patient-care Communication Platform

Patient-care Communication Platform


The secure healthcare messaging app is FREE and helps several doctors & medical professionals with an efficient patient-care communication platform.

Key Features

Exemplary medical transcription

Encrypted secure communication - HIPAA

Facilitates quality transition care

Secure cloud-based storage

Dashboard report for actionable patient health information

Customized Healthcare Platform


As an experienced healthcare mobile app development company, we built a healthcare platform to make everyday life better for patients with health problems. This platform was established in the Web, Android and iOS for the usage of employees, patients and hospital admin.

Key Features

Secure video conferences


Record and manage triage results

User-friendly UI & UX to make it easier for all users

Secure encryption of prescriptions and reports

Patient-care Communication Platform

Advantages of Adopting Healthcare Mobility Solutions

We implement innovative digital health strategies and improve the way you deliver healthcare solutions.

Medical Care App For Patient


Healthcare mobility solutions improve the medical care provided to patients by blending the app with numerous platforms, directions, and systems.

  • Reduce insurance cost
  • Provide preventive care
  • Cost-effective healthcare monitoring
  • Remote medical care
  • Schedule appointments
  • Sharing patient records
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Dedicated patient portals

Healthcare Providers

From checking patient symptoms to studying their medical history, patient well-being solution providers benefit significantly with the smart application.

  • Patient management
  • Uninterrupted data flow
  • Enhance care efficiency
  • Aid diagnostic accuracy
  • SPrecise point of care
  • Easy information accessibility
  • Passive care
  • Medical practitioner convenience
Healthcare App Provider Soft Suave

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

Mobile application development service elevates the use of technology in the healthcare industry. If mobile app development services were not there, there wouldn’t be mHealth or telehealth trending in the world right now.

It depends on several factors starting from demographics to your business requirement. It is not fair to develop a mHealth app in Android if you are in the USA, where the number of iPhone users is high.

Features in mHealth depend on the type of healthcare sector you are in. Basic features like appointment booking, media upload, in-app messaging, and in-app payments are essential.

On average, a basic mHealth app will cost $XXX. However, the cost increases based on your custom requirement and features. If your budget is low, you can go for HIPAA compliant clone mHeath apps.

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