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Omnichannel shopping experience for customers from the comfort of their home

We believe in integrating technology into people’s daily lives. Bringing your business online helps your customers to buy what they need from anywhere and everywhere. Customers can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone and the experience would be seamless.

Special features that we offer


Neighborhood Filtering

Do not serve everyone! Serving only those customers in your neighborhood by filtering them based on their areas

Flexible Delivery Charges

Calculating delivery charges depending on the location of the customer

Variable Minimum Order Amount

Ensuring a minimum profit amount per order by not letting customers place the order before reaching a minimum order amount. Also,the minimum order charge varies based on the customer’s location.

Maximum Order Quantity Per Product

Setting a maximum quantity limit on ordering a single product.

Easy-to-use and Secure Shopping Cart

Enabling easy shopping, secure methods of payment, express checkout options, and customer accounts for research and making purchasing decisions.

World’s Most Powerful Search – Solr Search Platform

Solr search offers - Fast search results and indexing, Built-in support for rich auto-suggestions, and Powerful product recommendation capabilities.


Customers can check for their activity history and can reorder from the previous orders.

Modifying a Placed Order

Enabling chat facility with the delivery associate allows customers to make alterations to an existing order.

Digital Wallet

Simple & Secured digital wallet transaction automated using one-time password sent to the registered phone number.

Customizable Delivery Slots

Delivery slots are booked on a first come first serve basis. Customers can choose either a specific delivery slot or the next available slot.

Third Party Payment Gateway Integrations

Seamless integration of all possible payment options which are used by the majority of customers.

Mobile-based Login / Social Login

Customers can log in according to their convenience either by using their sign in credentials or through social logins such as Facebook or Google.

Live Order Tracking

Letting your customers track their order at all times, from your store to their doorstep.

Create Shopping List

Customers can create a shopping list as and when they remember and then can add the shopping list to the cart.

Guest Checkout

Customers can make a purchase from your store without logging in to an account or save any information in your database. Not force filling of any forms increases customer experience with your store.

Pay Through Online After Delivery

Enabling paying through online after delivery is a unique feature which most of them don’t offer. The more options you provide to your customers, the more customers you get.

Filter Options

Narrowing down customer’s search using a filter option to find the product they want.


Multi-Store Enablement

Bring all your products from different outlets on a single selling platform.

  • Retailers having multiple outlets can make use of this customized feature which enables easy selling and managing.
  • The product inventory of multiple outlets is maintained on one platform enabling omnichannel selling.
  • Everything is controlled via a single dashboard with Flexible architecture for maximum versatility.

Integrating ERP, Billing and Inventory systems

Soft Suave helps to integrate your existing billing, ERP, and inventory systems into the e-commerce solution which enables seamless functioning of the overall system.

  • Streamlining inventory synchronization, track updates, and provide accurate inventory levels to customers, without hiring staff to manage these tasks
  • Sending Automatic notifications for customers when orders have been shipped and allow them to track the delivery of products
  • Handling increased demand for online orders without the need to add extra resources to cater for it
  • Seamlessly integrating orders and billing to generate accurate invoices

Delivery Tracking App

Be able to track the orders when left for delivery by installing a delivery tracking app on your delivery associate’s phone. This feature can be customized according to your needs.

  • Letting customers chat with the delivery associate for any changes in the order
  • Customers ensuring their availability by checking the approximate delivery time

Google Analytics Integration

Integrated Google analytics and measure the number of visits, transactions, and revenue that your website generates. Real-time inventory and easy to understand sales reports ensure that you are on top of your store’s performance, at any time of day.

  • E-commerce tunneling:  Every report in the Google Analytics can be switched to an e-commerce version so you can see exactly how you’re making money.
  • Product-level data:  You can now get a thorough overview of the performance of the conversion funnel for a single product.
  • Shopping behavior:  Customer’s shopping behavior in different time periods can be analyzed. You can get to know current shopping trend and then plan accordingly
  • Checkout behavior:  Checkout conversion can be inspected for better analysis

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Soft Suave interfaces with clients to identify their requirements and accordingly, designs, develops and implements an integrated and
comprehensive IT or software based solution.

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Awards & Certifications

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