Patient-care Communication Platform

Client Overview

Our client is a fast-growing privately held company established by a group of extensively experienced doctors in hospitalist medicine and managed care services to develop ways that would simplify the whole patient care and transition process. They are a proactive team striving for optimal patient engagement with a significant reduction of key managed care metrics and cost.



Client Requirements

  • Doctors or medical professionals invest a lot of time daily to coordinate patients-care about admissions, discharges, and emergency room diversions. Need to reduce these time-consuming tasks and ultimately, give away doctors’ time for additional patient care.
  • Doctors and medical professionals should have better communication with timely responses to facilitate quality treatment, hassle-free discharges, and transition care.
  • Valuable professional time of doctors should be saved from unwanted communications which give them job satisfaction and a better personal life.

Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications