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A Dubai-based mobile app development company that forges feature-rich, user-friendly apps based on the requirements of Dubai denizens.

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A Newfangled Mobile App Development Company

Dubai is known for its rapid economic development over the years. We specialize in developing mobile apps for businesses in Dubai based on their audience need and market goals.

Best mobile app development company in Dubai

Isn't it surprising to know there are millions of mobile app options available for each need? Yet mobile applications continue to sprout all over the world. Do you know why? The need for different requirements, refinements, and user experience/features kept increasingly contemporizing day by day.

Our mobile app development company in Dubai has adept experts who have significant years of experience in the app development field, trained to be inventive and bring new technological solutions to the world that fulfills multifarious customer needs basing on the UAE audience.

Our expertise extends beyond programming. Starting with Planning, Researching, and Prototyping the mobile app idea, our developers create mobile apps using a variety of technologies and according to the client's requirements - whether that is a custom app or a clone app for Android, iOS or cross-platform devices. Wait! Did we forget something? Never. Our DevOps team is always there for you 24/7 to aid you with any issues even after the completion of mobile app development.

Soft Suave Mobile App Development Service

Soft Suave is the top Mobile App Development Company in Maryland that has the expertise to develop mobile apps in Android, iOS and Cross-platform.

iOS App Development

iOS native apps are developed using Human Interface Guidelines. Apps are built using the latest iOS frameworks. During the product development process of iPhones and iPads, early users are conferred to get feedback on the upshot.

Android App Development

Our Material Design Guidelines team develops Android apps. They are also devised using the best Android library mastery. Our android developers from Dubai have operated with startups and SMBs.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our Dubai app development company can go beyond imagination to make your app ideas into a working product that involves the wholesome process from ideation to launching, marketing to maintenance, and support.

Who Do We Work For

Our Dubai mobile app development service offers highly elevated and industry-standard mobile apps that are engineered to work in the city's dynamic and multicultural environment with heightened grades.

Startup app development company Soft Suave


Contriving startups in Dubai is convenient and also challenging with the taste of strong competition. It's good to start with our cost-effective but very effective mobile applications to reach out to your target audience digitally and get your own brand identity faster, so people can recognize your business.

Enterprise app development company SoftSuave

Established Companies

We also offer well-organized, efficiently planned mobile app development for established companies in Dubai. Our app development team's highly researched approach to both technologies and the art of keeping and advancing the market value of the business can certainly help you reach the next level of growth.

App Development Company For Non-Profits

Nonprofit Organizations

We have managers and analysts who are skilled at explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences in Dubai. With the knowledge of handling various nonprofit mobile apps, our expert team can bring out any ideas for a useful feature that is helpful to society.

Emerging Tech

Soft Suave employs technologists to develop apps in Dubai. A key part of our business is integrating emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality into simple-to-use applications.


Our booming mobile-first strategy indexes Soft Suave among the top Mobile App Development companies in Dubai. Here are a few tantalizing Mobile Apps developed by Soft Suave for eCommerce, Construction, Healthcare, Education, and various industries.


Marketplace app

A hassle-free multivendor platform to drive your business growth through a highly effective eCommerce mobile application.

Multivendor Market Platform
Employee time tracking app development in Dubai

Employee Time

Tracking Software

A mobile application for field employees is included in Soft Suave's employee time tracking application.


POS Software

Businesses use POS software to make sales easier. For POS software development in Dubai, Soft Suave is the ideal partner.

Restaurant POS software development company in Dubai

Soft Suave’s Mobile App Development Process

Our goal as a top mobile app development company in Dubai is to offer a one-stop solution for every app development need. Soft Suave manages every aspect of mobile app development diligently, from product design to full-stack engineering.

Application Re-hosting Services Soft Suave


Drafting to Crafting your Mobile App Idea

Got an app idea? It's just a matter of making it real. It should be user-friendly, useful, and have simple but unique options. An app development expert is a good option if you're not sure whether the app ideas will benefit your business or if you just have an idea but don't know anything wisest it.

Upon enquiring, our app development experts transform your ideas into an app prototype.

As part of our app development process, we analyze your ideas, conduct research, and consult with you about how you want your app to impact your business and the plans you have for growing your business through this.

We can assist you with every phase of your re-host journey. Join us to re-host and refresh your application architecture to build for the future.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Market Evaluation
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Assessment for Project Scope
Application Re-Architecturing Services Soft Suave


The Art of Goal setting to putting things into action

Any project without a strategy is like shooting a gun blindfolded. You never know your target and you can never focus on your target. What kind of plan do you have to gain something from developing an app, how do you reach your audience, what kind of service you are gonna provide, who is your target audience, and how your service is needed for them? What does all of this matter to your business? At the same time, the design, brand identity placement, and Application platforms like Android, iOS, or Cross-platform. With all these questions and decisions, being the best app development company with world-class experts, we make a strong strategy with the market achieving goals.

  • Determining product objective
  • Identifying target Audience
  • Product discovery & analysis
  • Product launch & marketing strategy
Application Modernization Services Soft Suave


Enticing designs with debonair Experience

Soft Suave is the right place if you want to give your customers a seamless experience, feel good and easy usage with useful features and stylish designs. We do all kinds of designs regardless of the genre from exotic to minimal.

With a decade of experience in user interface and user experience design, Soft Suave is a design and experience prioritized app development company in Dubai.

We have developed mobile applications for startups, SMBs, and enterprises. Developing our user interfaces ensures a better customer experience across platforms, driving business impact and driving a better growth for your app ideas. Get in touch with the best app development in Dubai today.

  • Design sketch creation
  • Wireframe making
  • Creation of Mockups
  • Designing and Prototyping
Strategic Modernization Company Soft Suave


Bringing your fantasized design into the Real world

Soft Suave offers a full range of mobile app development services in Dubai. Implementing the latest technologies allows us to deliver exceptional solutions.

Work on the backend, coding, integrations, database creation and everything in between is done phase by phase. As part of our suite of Dubai app development services, we develop iOS apps, Android apps, and cross-platforms using various technologies like Python, Java, Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, etc.

  • Custom or Clone app development based on your needs
  • Complete IP rights & source code
  • Powerful, scalable & safe solutions
  • Most delinquent technology & tools
Strategic Modernization Company Soft Suave


Sustainable business growth with Powerful customer service

The solutions we build as a top mobile app development company in Dubai work perfectly. You don't just get your app listed on the App Store or Play Store; we make sure it's visible to your audience.

We don't stop at app deployment. Following the blastoff of your mobile application, our maintenance and support team is always there for you 24/7 to provide our service and fix any issue aftermath.

Thanks to our app development experts and the whole mobile app development team, we become the leading app development company in Dubai.

  • Play store deployment of the App
  • App Store Optimization
  • Customer service support
  • Software license management

Mobile Application Development Technologies We Use

Soft Suave developers with expertise and hands-on experience in the following technologies

  • Swift Development Company Soft Suave
  • Java Development Company Soft Suave
  • Xamarin Development Company Soft SUave
  • Cordova Development Company Soft Suave
  • Ionic Development Company Soft Suave
  • Aws
  • Azure
  • GoogleCloud
    Google Cloud
  • Appium
  • Espresso
  • XC Test
    XC Test
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
  • Flurry Analytics
    Flurry Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Keen IO
    Keen IO

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs our clients ask.

Your mobile app requirements determine the cost of the app. It also includes the technology we choose, features and additional UI/UX changes, App store submissions, the cost for the development team, and so on. You will know the approximate cost of the app once you consult with our experts.

Yes. we have a dedicated in-house design team in Dubai. They oversee the entire app creation process and ensure the solution is useful to users at all times.

We have the mobile app maintenance and support team 24/7 even after the completion of mobile app development, you can always come to our team to fix the issues.

Because we are invested to deliver the best of all service to all of our clients, our happy clients are always satisfied with our service with the powerful, advanced, useful, and profit-earning product to own for their business. Thanks to our app development experts for making us the best mobile app development company in Dubai which is recognized for the best assistance.

Of course, we do. You can get a Free 30 minutes consultation with our mobile app development experts from Dubai anytime, to get a clear idea for developing your long-lasting fruitful mobile apps.

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