What Makes Angular Developers a Great Fit for Startups

Get yourself enlightened on why hiring an Angular developer is so great for startups. Find out why soft Suave recommends Angular.

why starups should hire angular developers

Do you know a website with great UX/UI that can increase the conversion rate by 200%?  Precisely why in the fast-evolving world of startups, every customer and every penny spent on creating experiences to acquire and retain them matters.

But it is no easy feat, or is it?

Frameworks like Angular make it easy to build user-friendly web apps and scale them.

‘’To empower employees and partners via line-of-business applications, and to engage with customers successfully requires the ability to build experiences at scale across the organization. Angular is a platform that understands these problems’’ Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate, Angular Team at Google

Angular is one of the most popular Front End frameworks amongst developers and entrepreneurs for developing web apps. No wonder more and more companies are hiring Angular developers.

Wondering why Angular is so popular, and a go-to framework for building web apps? Read on…

What is Angular?

Angular has the backing of the tech giant Google. Reason enough for it to be one of the top-notch frameworks for front-end development. But there is more.

Angular is an open-source front-end framework that is maintained by a dedicated team at Google and is regularly updated with new and advanced features. 

The Angular framework is based on HTML and Typescript, which makes it a developer’s favorite Since most of the syntaxes are similar to the core JavaScript.

Angular is one of the frameworks that can help in the front-end development of dynamic web applications of varying complexity, making it an apt choice for start-ups. Web apps built on the framework are high performing, can be scaled up or down easily, and developed faster.

Angular: Use Cases

Do you love using Gmail? Do you know what makes it so easy to use? Yes, you guessed it right the front-end of Gmail is developed on Angular.

Angular is a popular choice when speed and scalability are of the essence. And Angular provides exactly that. There are many use cases of Angular that make it a perfect choice for front-end development. Some of the popular ones include –

Simplicity at the core –

Angular is the perfect choice when creating simple but powerful dynamic web applications with scalability and robust security.

Handles complexity like a boss –

There are many factors involved in the development of enterprise web applications like localization, theming, architecture, build, packaging, and more. Angular is one of the few frameworks that can handle the complexity of developing such apps smoothly. 

Adapts without a hassle –

Angular is adaptable and can help to develop web apps with features customised as per the business requirements making it an ideal framework for developing on-demand web applications. Combined with the ability to create amazing UI Angular becomes a perfect choice for building e-Commerce, video streaming, or CMS web applications.

Top 10 reasons why start-ups should choose Angular?

Due to its great features and functionalities, Angular is popular and commands a sizable market share in the web applications space. Here are the top 10 reasons behind the raving popularity of Angular   

1. Effective implementation of Model View Controller

Angular Implements MVC very effectively. MVC architecture separates the app into three segments, making it quite simple to handle data, view data, and the link between them. These models save a large amount of time, unlike other frameworks.

2. Data Binding preserving replication of codes

Generally, while developing web applications, codes are replicated consistently. The Data Binding feature of Angular prevents the developers from creating a large quantity of replicated code allowing for faster and more efficient development.

3. Two-Way Data Binding for speed 

Angular templating function follows a two-way data binding. This feature helps the developers to become comfortable while coding the app and provides the developers with a coding speed advantage. 2-way data binding of Angular will allow changes to be made in the user interface directly in the app logic. 

4. Dependency Injection for ease of development and testing

Dependency Injection in Angular helps to create a loosely coupled architecture to get user-friendly web applications. Angular takes care of the complete lifecycle of objects; developers need not worry about namespace and instance. The framework handles dependencies and dynamic loading.   

5. Cross-Platform functionality for scale

The application developed through Angular is compatible with a lot of platforms and browsers. So developers who are comfortable working on a specific operating system or using a particular type of development environment will have a seamless transition experience to Angular. It will neither affect the performance nor have an impact on the features that can be used. 

6. Easy to Learn and get started

 Angular is one of the easiest frameworks that any developer can think of. Developers can write their first application in a few minutes just by including some attributes in HTML. It is an open-source framework with a huge developer community to back it up, so getting help is not a problem. 

7. Declarative UI Expression for easy customization

Angular has a very structured UI where it is easier to understand and change the components. Angular is great for creating HTML-based templates. It is a declarative language because of which it is scalable, flexible, and intuitive. Angular programmers can make things understandable and customize them by using a declarative interface.

8. High Performance Delivered 

Easy to use and least maintenance, makes Angular the first choice of web developers. Angular bears power-packed features like Directives, Data Binding, Content Sanitization, Form Validation, Animations, etc making it perform a leap ahead of its competition. 

9. Reduce Line coding – less is more

Angular needs minimal coding for the MVC pipeline and reduces the big code size to save developers time. Also, HTML makes it simple to develop an application without a getter and setter.

10. Allows extensive testing:

Using the Angular framework, developers can test an application as frequently as they want to ensure that the application is error-free. The process of testing is quite simple with this framework.

A bright future for Angular -

Google has ensured that Angular is consistently improved with new updates. The future of Angular is shining with next-gen features. That is why leading global companies like Forbes, Upwork, Paypal, Google’s Gmail platform, MS Office, and many more have chosen Angular for their front end. There is an increase in the number of organisations – start-ups and otherwise looking to hire Angular developers in India and globally. By 2026 the demand for Angular developers is projected to grow by 31% more than what it was a decade earlier.

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