How is Corona Virus Changing the Trends of eCommerce Business?

In the course of COVID-19, the eCommerce business hit a sluggish market. Check out the changing trends and sales strategies of the eCommerce business in 2020.

How covid 19 changing consumer and ecommerce trends

People are more concerned about how their eCommerce business will turn out rather than their own health during this global pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. Business owners around the world are framing new business strategies to run their businesses seamlessly during this demanding situation. Food businesses have started implementing contactless delivery to stay in the game during this crisis. Retail business owners have begun setting up their own online stores to allow customers to surf products online without stepping out of their homes.
According to the Forrester, global retail sales are yet to witness a loss of $2.1trillion in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Out of all the regions in the world, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to see the worst loss in the retail sales valued at $767 billion. This prediction is a wakeup call for both the retail
and eCommerce businesses to change their business strategies to stay afloat.
According to Statista, global eCommerce sales will reach $4.2 million in 2020 and make up 16% of the retail sales. This growth is predicted to continue into the ’20s. Looking at this COVID-19 crisis, the retail and eCommerce sales have been badly hit; however, eCommerce stores are back on their feet while the retail stores are figuring out the best approach to stay in the market.

eCommerce business in 2020:-

The coronavirus has already changed the way we work and the way we shop. This calls for a change in the strategic approach followed by the business owners to not only run the business but also prepare for business after this pandemic. The eCommerce industry is bracing for a significant shift in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here you can get the complete details regarding Post Covid- Business Opportunities & Trends.

Contactless payments:

The contactless payment is the best way to progress eCommerce business in 2020. Most of the shoppers are not ready to visit retail stores instead are looking out for contactless payments and deliveries.
According to salesforce research, sales in online shopping has increased steadily during the coronavirus pandemic. From 3500 respondents, 68% of US shoppers are expected to continue online shopping even after COVID-19 effects subside.

Contactless delivery:

Contactless delivery is preferred in the food industry. In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, consumers started preferring this sort of delivery to stay safe and avail of the fullest services of the food industry. The restaurants all over the world have become creative to lift the food industry out of the steep market. The contactless concept was brought to life to keep the sales going and satisfy the customers on hygiene and safety. Restaurants also started setting up their own delivery system to keep their employees motivated
and run the business effectively.

AR in eCommerce:

People did not know the importance of AR in eCommerce until the COVID-19 crisis. Many of the eCommerce businesses are using AR since its launch. But the number of customers who leveraged AR for their shopping was very less as retail stores were functional. As soon as the pandemic lockdown closed all the retail stores, the focus of the customers turned towards AR to complete their shopping experience.
Now the business owners are smart to add AR to their business plans while they go for their eCommerce mobile app development.

Brace for sale through voice search:

The COVID-19 lockdown has kept everybody in their homes. This allows everybody to stay in their homes and carry on their work throughout the day. This situation has opened up countless opportunities for all to buy products with the help of voice search enabled through voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri.
As the world’s workforce is moving towards work from home, there’s a lot of untapped potentials for eCommerce to successfully leveraging this technology. Every eCommerce business owner must start optimizing their business immediately with responses for voice search in order to tap the success they have using this technology.

Mobile shopping:

So far, we have mostly focused on the changing trends of the eCommerce business. However, mobile shopping is a well-established trend that is still growing. eCommerce mobile apps are the leading powerhouse
behind the success of mobile shopping. It is estimated that more than 55% of the consumers shop using mobile phones in 2020. eCommerce businesses are trying to provide a smooth user experience in mobile phones with several payment gateways to make the shopping experience hassle-free.
Leading eCommerce app development companies like Soft Suave have registered a swift increase in the business requirements to build eCommerce applications. Though mobile apps are already in the business, the current pandemic situation has changed the outlook of every business owner towards
their business and the result is the unforeseen increase in eCommerce mobile app development.

Bottom Line:

There is n number of trends that are changing in the eCommerce business now considering the coronavirus pandemic. However, the bottom line is to stay in the market using the patterns that will suit your business.
Looking at the way eCommerce mobile apps are ruling the world despite the pandemic situation, it is best for your business if you own an eCommerce mobile app developed by the leading web and mobile app development company in IndiaSoft Suave. It will not only improve your sales but also makes to customer stay loyal with you over the years.
The advancements in the eCommerce industry are growing sharply, and it would be of no surprise if you see drones flying in the skies delivering products to the customers in no time. There’s a lot of 2020 remaining, and we have to wait and observe the changes happening in the industry.