What Things to Look for When You Plan to Hire Java Application Developers

These are the things to Look for When You Plan to Hire Java Application Developers.

Plan to hire java application developers

Demand for efficient Java developers has been increasing due to several reasons. Recently, more businesses are found to be working on latest applets and applications. This necessitates partnering with the right java application development company so that the intended results are achieved.
Hire Java Development CompanyJava is a dynamic and versatile platform and Java frameworks are upgraded on a regular basis. It is essential that programmers involved in java web application development and java mobile application development have sufficient knowledge on updates and industry norms. They must have a clear understanding about the software development cycle. This makes it essential to hire the right developer for Java projects.

Key Considerations for Building High-Performance Java Apps

There are quite a lot of java development companies across the globe. Nonetheless, hiring the best ones that enable businesses to achieve their objectives effectively proves to be a complex task for entrepreneurs. By following the below-mentioned strategic tips, it becomes easy to pick your Java application development company:

1. Check the domain expertise of the developer

It is essential to ensure that the java development company has an appealing project portfolio with variety and projects that are specifically related to the industry you belong to. This helps establishing the developers’ credentials regarding specific experience and knowledge.
Certain developers may be having domain knowledge without industry-specific experience, but they may have experience in other projects. They are candidates for engaging as consultants for brief periods of time, according to your need.
Java app development professionals familiarized with your particular business domain will normally need less iterative feedback, while they are capable of implementing projects faster.

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2. Deep knowledge in major java technologies is essential

Java application development demands expertise in varied areas. The developers’ competence in language fundamentals, design patterns, specification fundamentals, and Java development best practices must be prudently gauged. It is imperative that they have a thorough knowledge about Java architecture and the coding concepts.
The following are the common skill sets required by java app development services in fulfilling client needs:

  • Expertise in programming in JSP, JQuery, JDBC, JSON/REST, JMS, Spring, JSF, EJB, MongoDB, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Knowledge in ORM solutions such as MyBatis and Hibernate
  • Architectural expertise – GWT, MVC, Appfuse, service-oriented architecture, enterprise service bus, Struts, distributed n-tier architecture, Apache Wicket, GOF design patterns, distributed transactions management, and Spring MVC.
  • Proficiency in enterprise driven apps – RMI, Enterprise Java Beans, JNDI, Java Message Beans, distributed transactions, and Java Persistence API.

Other tools and technologies such as IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, and MyEclipse.

3. Java-related certifications

Java mobile application development companies need to have the necessary certifications such as the ones listed below:

  • Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer
  • Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer
  • Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Business Component Developer
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer
  • Oracle Certified Expert Java Platform EE Web Services Developer
  • Oracle Certified Master Java EE 5/6 Enterprise Architect
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application Developer.

4. Dedicated team having sufficient number of professional developers

Java Developers HireOne of the key requirements for developing robust Java applications is having a sufficient number of professionals. A dedicated team with appropriate, skilled developers to efficiently manage projects with the least distractions or hindrances is a prerequisite.
Regardless of whether simple or complex, project implementation is expected to be performed in a short span of time and with maximum efficiency. Assigning a devoted team that doesn’t have other commitments becomes necessary. This ensures avoiding unnecessary interruptions or delays in rolling out the project.

5. Privacy and security of data

It is imperative that sufficient care is exercised in protecting the data, source code, and classified information in business during the Java project development.
Getting a non-disclosure agreement signed by the developers warrants the protection of security and privacy of invaluable business information.

6. Post-launch support and maintenance

It is essential to ensure that the Java application development company provides reliable post-deployment assistance. This guarantees that your app is not impacted by any hitches. You need to see that the app development professionals are willing to perform regular evaluation and maintenance processes that warrant smooth and flawless functioning of your app.
The following are a few of the processes that need to be performed after the launching of the app:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding new and necessary functionalities and features
  • Releasing updates

For carrying out the said essential processes, businesses need the support of the Java app development services they hire.

7. Taking care to avoid common mistakes

Although Java is one of the most powerful and portable languages, it is ridden with the possibility of occasional slip-ups as well. It is a requisite that your Java programmer keeps updated through continuous learning. Care must be taken for identifying and highlighting potential bugs by using appropriate tools such as static code analyzers.
Java web application development professionals must be capable of avoiding common Java mistakes in the project. The burden of having to deal with excessive garbage collection and memory leaks must be eliminated.

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8. Establishing a high standard & quality

Java mobile app development process demands that developers are aware of Java Language best practices. Familiarizing with these practices ensures that developers will be able to maintain a high standard. Moreover, they have to be skilled in implementing features with the minimum impact on performance.
Expert Java programmers must be adept in dividing tasks and staying organized. Developers must possess a clear insight about the project’s work flow as well as the technology interfaces. This ensures a smooth and clean development process.

Key Takeaways

In addition to having a great app idea and the drive to transform it to a great, useful app, entrepreneurs must exercise caution and give due diligence to selecting the right Java application development services. Apart from factors such as communication skills, technical expertise, and accountability, developers must be proficient in delivering scalable, stable apps.
Understanding of the proposed project and proficiency in Java development tools are fundamental requirements of developers in a Java web development company.