Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Application Development in 2022

This blog reveals the reasons to choose AngularJS for your next App development project. Here we are discussing key features and benefits of AngularJS.

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The need for making an online impact has become inevitable for any business in this e-commerce era. Web and mobile applications are the lifelines of global business organizations. With the demand for application developers increasing in a steady way, and several platforms being available for developing apps, selecting the right ones is crucial.

Released in 2010, AngularJS has been making quite a few ripples in the app development market. Not without reasons. This JavaScript framework includes a wide range of features and it offers myriad benefits. It enables an AngularJS application development company to create feature-rich, robust web and mobile apps that satiate the unique needs of clients. However, you may wonder why to use Angularjs and what are the benefits of using AngularJS.

AngularJS Application Development

AngularJS has powered globally popular applications such as Netflix, PayPal, the Guardian, Upwork, and several others. There are a lot of reasons to choose AngularJS. Simplifying the development process greatly, this open source app development framework helps AngularJS App Developers efficiently address the challenges related to web and mobile application development.

The question of which framework to choose for your web app can be answered by understanding the complexity of the app and your unique needs.

Features and key benefits of AngularJS:

Enriched with several useful functionalities and exclusive advantages, the AngularJS framework has earned overwhelming admiration and adoption among developers and enterprises. AngularJS application development companies create complex applications in a short time by using this framework.

Today, web and mobile app developers the world over prefer AngularJS over other contemporary development frameworks. The following are the major reasons for this universal choice:

1. Integration of MVC and MVVM architecture:

Making use of the MVC architecture, AngularJS facilitates the development of interactive and robust applications. While other contemporary frameworks focus solely on mobile app development, AngularJS allows splitting apps in MVC architecture. This makes creating web apps that correspond to mobile apps easier. This factor enables AngularJS application development companies to save time.  This ensures that deadlines are met and overall app production time is reduced.

AngularJS integrates the model-view-controller architecture and model-view-view-model architecture. As the application gets split into three parts, it becomes possible to use one for data management, one for viewing data, while the third one can act as the bridge for retaining the connection between model and view.

2. Why to use AngularJS?

Developed and maintained by Google, this framework has naturally earned the trust and offers confidence to app developers. The large community of developers ensures to clear any queries promptly and assist with development when needed. With an expansive open group to gain insights from, AngularJS App Developers become a part of Google.

3. Two-Way data binding:

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS uses two-way data binding. This way, changes in the user interface can influence application objects immediately and vice versa. User actions and module changes occur simultaneously here.

Data binding relieves an AngularJS application development company from having to write a substantial amount of code.

4. Expressive user interface:

AngularJS is equipped with easily customizable components. HTML is perfect for developing the application’s user interface. By employing HTML that has special attributes, it is possible to create the best interface for web as well as mobile app users.

AngularJS offers an easily manageable and structured user interface with convenient learning markups. It is possible for front-end developers to craft an appealing and expressive user interface for the applications.

5. Modularity is allowed:

One of the vital parts of this framework is modularity. AngularJS allows the creation of multiple modules related to a single application. Plus, this modularity ensures better architecture, functionality, and flexibility.

Splitting the project into convenient, different modules helps improve workflow as well as end results. Each module will depend on the other, and modules may be combined in order to run the complete app.

6. Reasons to choose AngularJS:

As they are involved with organizing the stored data, filters have a significant role in the app development process. AngularJS has a directory with various filters such as Number, Currency, Upper case, Lowercase, Order by, and several others. We can use it effectively. Also, if required, we can create other filters.

Such filters help in making changes for the transformation of raw data into refined data. Efficient use of filters ensures that data appear more meaningful and proper.

7. Useful Directives:

AngularJS, as a pattern language, makes use of HTML. We can expand it with directives to add information on behavior into the code. Our developers use directives to enhance code readability.

The Directives feature of AngularJS is useful for building custom HTML tags that serve as custom and new widgets. These may also be used for decorating the components with the necessary behavior and manipulating DOM elements in fascinating ways.

8. Testability of Applications:

Coding and developing can be tested at each stage of the web application development in AngularJS. This eliminates the wasting time and empowers developers to have a clear idea about the outcome of their work.

Developers are able to find code defects and errors easily, thus facilitating the completion of the project in a short time. Module separation enables loading just the essential services while facilitating performing automatic testing.

9. High Performance:

Powered by several unique and useful features such as data binding, filters, directives, routing, form validation, and others, AngularJS empowers developers to come up with robust applications in a short time. The potential for building smooth apps with high performance makes this framework the natural choice for experienced developers.

10. Code Re-usability:

AngularJS allows the use of identical code that has been developed before. This saves a considerable amount of time and effort. Building mobile and web app development become quicker this way.

Customization or modification of applications can also be rapidly performed by introducing only the necessary changes in the code.

11. Involve less coding:

AngularJS involves less coding and provides a free and convenient environment for developers. The use of filters and simple data models ensures reduced coding effort on the part of developers.



AngularJS has been rated as one of the most widely adopted development frameworks in the contemporary web and mobile app development setting. The advantages of Angularjs are enormous. It is convenient and cost-effective, making it possible for AngularJS Application Development Companies to provide innovative and business-specific app solutions to clients.