Ways to Manage Construction Field Employees During the Covid-19 Crisis

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Corona Virus Pandemic has put a pause in this fast-paced world. While its adverse effects are receding, people are starting to get back to their everyday life. People are continuing to work from remote to avoid direct contact with others. But this is not the case with the construction field. 
In the construction field, reducing workers in the site will affect the work directly. Supervisors and project managers are the people who can work remotely in this industry. Managing the field without the supervisor’s direct presence will bring down the overall efficiency.

Ways to Manage Construction Field Employees:

Here are the two best ways to effectively manage employees in the construction fields.

  • By limiting the supervisors and allowing them to work on rotational shifts and oversee the workers.
  • By using an employee time tracking app for construction and field workers.

The latter seems to be an effective solution. Leading Web and Mobile app development companies can provide time tracking app development solutions at comparatively less cost.

Features of the Time Tracking app for field workers:

Unlike other workers, field workers will use only limited electronic gadgets. Here are some of the key features of a Time Tracking app.

Google Maps Integration:

This is an essential feature for managing remote workers. As remote workers use their mobile phones as sign-in devices, the app must note the time along with the current location of the device. This will avoid any malpractice using the mobile app. Moreover, it will help in tracking the worker while he is within the work area. 

Clock in and Clock out:

Clock in and Clock out features are available only on the worker’s app. This feature enables the worker to mark his work time from break time. So, real-time working hours are recorded. This will allow the employer to grant wages for all the productive hours of the worker.

Workers Portfolio:

Each worker will maintain their profile in their app. This profile will have all the details like the employee’s contacts, his expertise, his experience, and his work graph. This will serve as the worker’s portfolio. 

Automated Payroll Management:

With all the vitals, it is easier for the employer to pay their worker with the app. This app links the user profile with the employees’ timesheet. So, the employer need not worry about the payroll as the process is automated and accurate.

Mobile Device Management:

This app has two variants, namely the employer web app and employee’s mobile app. Most of the devices use the mobile app while only the employer will have a web app. So, it is vital to have a managing center to oversee all the mobile devices. This will avoid any malpractice in the workplace.

Setting Up of the Time Tracking App:

As mentioned earlier, this app will have both a web app for employers and a mobile app for the employees. Let us see how to set up respective apps.

Web App for Employer:

Web application of the employees time tracking solution will allow the employer to monitor the employees. The employer has to create a profile for the company in the app to allocate the database for the app.
Creating a profile for the employer can be done by following these steps.
Step 01: Open the web app and create an employer profile.
Step 02: Fill in all the details and create a profile for the company.
Step 03: Now download the desktop app that will serve as the database for storing employee details.
Step 04: Create a link by which the employees can join this app.

Mobile App for employees:

The time tracking app is available in mobile version for the employees. This mobile app will integrate with the mobile phone GPS to send the location of the device whenever the app tracks the time.
By using these steps, employees can easily create their profiles and use the app.
Step 01: Download the mobile app.
Step 02: Create a profile by following the link shared by the employer. This will allow the employees to synchronize with the company profile.
Step 03: Create the profile of the employee with Photos and fill in the expertise.
Step 04: Based on the work allotment, use the clock in and out feature to mark the working hours. (Note: clock in and Clock out will register along with GPS location.)
Step 05: Add the bank account to the app and synchronize them.

Benefits of Using Employees time tracking app:

This type of app is very helpful in limiting people in the work area, which is mandatory in this Corona Pandemic.

Effective Monitoring:

This app collects and stores the database of the employees in and out time. This will depict the overall work pattern of each worker. Using these patterns, the work can be allocated to the workers, who can finish the task in less time than others. This will help in getting the work effectively from the workers. Moreover, Workers can also improve their skills and can work efficiently by knowing their flaws.

Mapping of workers:

With the integration of maps, it is easier for the employer to keep an eye on all the workers. In other words, the distribution of workers in the workplace will be hassle-free. Also, the mapping of idle workers is easier with this app.

Ease in Calculating Worker’s Efficiency:

This app will collect all the vitals of the employee. Also, it will depict the graphs corresponding to these parameters. This will enable the employer to have an overall picture of the employee’s ability. This allows the employers to award the workers, extra benefits to motivate them into working better.

Saves Times Spent in Database Creation:

One of the perks of using this app is it will save the time spent on maintaining the employee’s database. Usually, every firm will spend a lot of time collecting, organizing, and filing the data of all its employees. But this process is simplified as the app will individually collect the data from all the employees and group them into the database. 
This app also simplifies the process of paying the salary to the employees. All the account related details have been stored in the app. So, based on work performance, the salary is awarded directly into the employee’s bank accounts. 

Wrapping Up:

With advancements in the tech field, many industries were able to work during this pandemic. But this was not the case for constructions and other field works. By using the time tracking app, it is possible to manage field workers from remote.
So, reach out to Soft Suave to have a  free demo on time tracking app. Moreover, with their expertise, they can develop all kinds of app that will help in improving your overall work efficiency.