Web Application Development Trends in 2022

This article contains the top 12 web application development trends that will be the most dominant in 2022.

web application development trends

In this digital era, many changes and improvements are being introduced as forms of web application development trends. Adapting and making the best use of these trends in web development is vital for a business to stay competitive and continue to attract and please your target audience.
As a web App owner, you need to be aware of these trends in web app development. If not, you may encounter some serious consequences like a decline in performance or user experience.

12 Web Development Trends That Would Rule 2022:

Web development is one of the technology sectors that has defined the road to ultimate success for every business during the last decade. The most important aspect of web development is its ever-changing capabilities, which enable you to establish solid connections with targeted customers.
No matter how modern, well-built, and efficient your web App maybe, if you fail to update it with the present trends, you may lose your users. In other words, your business may fall behind its competitors who are offering better experiences. Take a look at our curated list of trends given by our skilled web Application development team.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):-

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are not a new thing in the field of web app development trends. It has the power to function offline. Hence, many companies used it in their applications, for instance, Google Maps. More such examples are companies like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter. They use PWA to improve user experience. 

Another great advantage of using PWAs is you can extend your reach to smartphones and tablet users. As there are more than 5 billion mobile phone users today, this will be an added benefit for you.

Dark Mode UI:-

In recent times, low light and dark settings are becoming one of the most desirable trends in web development. The dark mode is loved by users as it comes incredibly handy when using an App during the day. Besides, it allows a visitor to adjust the display and make it dark at night. Due to this reason, many businesses are transitioning their applications to a dark or light mode UX. Apart from these, dark mode UI provides these advantages,

  • Reduces blue-light and eye strain
  • Saves battery life especially in devices that use an OLED or AMOLED screen
  • Accessibility for people with visual impairments

Single Page Application (SPA):-

Single-page applications (SPAs) are nothing but JavaScript-based applications. They load an HTML page in a user’s browser and dynamically update content without requiring a page refresh. Java development professionals and many tech giants including Twitter, Facebook, and Google adopted SPAs.

SPAs are cost-effective and take up less server space while providing users with information on a single page which makes it a valuable web application development trends among startups. Moreover, it offers better SEO optimization features, reusability, caching, and less complex implementation & debugging.

Voice Search:-

Since Google launched voice search in 2011, it gained widespread popularity. This functionality will be one of the widely spread web development trends in 2022. Alexa and Siri have already reached thousands of houses and will surely continue to grow rapidly. These voice-activated helpers automate our life’s little chores.

New products such as Google Home and Apple HomePod are entering the market to meet consumer demand. If you need to incorporate this feature into your existing App, our skilled App development team can come to your rescue.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):-

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a dynamic technology that can improve page functioning while also retaining consumers. We can say PWA and AMP are very similar. Although it is one of the newer trends in web applications development, AMP pages are loaded for about 2 seconds. On the flip side, non-AMP pages take up to 22 seconds.
Despite the fact that we now have 5G internet technology and many firms choose to create native Apps to better user experience, the AMP plugin helps businesses save money on UX and reach their target audiences.

AI-Powered Chatbots:-

Chatbots help a business to maintain good customer relationships and enable to

  • Increase Customer Engagement 
  • Reduce Customer Service Costs
  • Monitor Consumer Data to Gain Insights
  • Devise a Conversational Marketing Strategy
  • Balance Automation with Human Touch
  • Improve Lead Generation
  • Meet Customer Expectations
  • Achieve Scalability of Support

AI Bot
This technology is expected to be implemented in almost all web apps that interact with customers. Hence, we can’t exclude this from web app development trends to look out for in 2022. You can connect with our competent Python development team to incorporate this feature into your App effectively.

Serverless Architecture:-

Serverless Architecture helps in smooth App development as it assists developers to develop applications freely without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. 

The adoption of this technology also assures that the project is not overburdened, that data is not lost, and that the project is not disabled. Moreover, it is the most commonly used web application development trend to solve problems with sending and receiving notifications, as well as to download backup copies of vital files and export various objects. The benefits of serverless architecture in web development include,

  • It reduces the amount of processing power and human resources required
  • Developers have more time to focus on user experience.
  • Efficient server management is not a concern for the IT department.

Motion UI:-

Consumers nowadays demand interactive experiences in addition to a mobile-friendly or speedier web application. This is where Motion UI enters the picture as one of the robust web development trends.
Motion UI is a front-end framework that allows developers to create fully responsive native Apps with predetermined motions. Besides, it can also make an element spin, slide, bounce, and do other things. Despite the fact that it has been widely acknowledged since 2018, SASS libraries have made Motion UI more accessible now than it has ever been. Ionic app development combined with motion UI will aid you to create world-class designs and animations.

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API-First Development:-

API stands for application programming interface that enables two software applications to communicate with one another. This approach achieves consistency and reusability by an API specification language that other developers can easily understand.

Developers can use this interconnectivity to integrate external goods into their applications to improve their functionality and performance. Moreover, this web application development trend has these benefits,

  • Greater flexibility to upgrade and update systems
  • Highly available, fault-tolerant systems
  • Language and platform flexibility
  • Lowers development costs and fastens time to market

Internet of Things (IoT):-

With IoT, now it’s become easier for each gadget to connect with other devices as more companies build items with connectivity. The Internet of Things will have a huge impact on organizations and will most likely disrupt many aspects of having an online presence.

The Internet has entered almost all the fields including Education, Healthcare, Management, and other forms of social interaction. Hence, IoT will be the next big trend in web applications development. Even Statista survey forecasts that IoT connections devices are set to amount to just over 10 billion units by 2022.

Mobile-First Development:-

The process of planning and constructing an online experience for mobile before preparing for desktop web or any other device is known as the mobile-first approach. Using a Mobile-First strategy seeks to reverse the process of creating for the desktop and then scaling it down for mobile. The tremendous increase in mobile phone users indicates that businesses that employ mobile-friendly and optimized web Apps will be more thriving in the market

Furthermore, this approach enables a developer to make use of a mobile phone’s inbuilt features like voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, or GPS location when creating an App. This makes it one of the useful web app development trends that have the power to target mobile users.

Blockchain Technology:-

Blockchain is a mechanism for storing encrypted databases. Unlike traditional systems, it saves data in blocks that will subsequently link together to form a chain. Its architecture comes with a transparent, distributed, and decentralized ledger, and contracts that run on the blockchain networks. This makes this technology more secure than its counterparts. When looking for trends in web app development right now, we cannot ignore this technology as it offers,

  • Better Transparency 
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Traceability

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Final Thoughts:

This year we’ll definitely witness significant developments in the technical world. We’ve gone over the most essential future trends in this blog. These web development trends will influence how we deliver web experiences in the future. As a result, staying on top of current trends is critical if you want to deliver the best experience for your users, increase your App’s visibility, and reach new heights. Plus, embracing these trends in web development and getting help from a trusted software development company in India like Soft Suave can provide you with a competitive advantage and help you expand your business.