10 Amazing Benefits for Education App Development

Here are ten amazing benefits you need to know about education app development in 2022.

benefits of education app development

A few years back, when we talk about education, all we remember is a blackboard. Today, what comes to your mind when we talk about education? Mobile apps, right? This is the digital advancement in the education industry. All the years and years of subject matter we learned using blackboard is now available in a single mobile app. Moreover, due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools are closed down, and the traditional classrooms are now shifted to online classes. 
The evolution of the education industry is impeccable in 2020. The students are turning extra smart and tech-savvy just because of the digital trend that is spreading like a forest fire.

Education Industry:

According to Research and Markets, the education industry is projected to grow from USD 8.4 billion in 2020 to USD 33.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 31.4%.
The growth is much higher than expected. COVID-19 has shifted the industry, and the demand for education applications are overflowing. Soft Suave – the leading education mobile app development company in India has a lot of requirements from clients all around the world to build successful education applications at a modest price.

The Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development:

eLearning apps are the showstoppers in COVID-19. Digital advancements in the form of these applications have made education continue without any obstruction for the kids and people in need. Education app development stands tall among all the other app development industries. Moreover, eLearning app development has surpassed the social media app development in terms of revenue and the number of development in this current year.

Best Types of Educational Apps to Develop:

Education app development varies depending upon the demographics. Here are a few significant types of education apps as follows;

Education app for kids:

These applications are designed to make the learning process easier for the kids. As kids are more attracted to colors and pictures, education app for kids has cartoons and other animation, which simplifies the learning process and facilitates easy and quick learning.

Institutional education app:

Institutional educations applications are designed and developed in a way to assist institutions in day to day educational activities. Teachers and students are the primary users of institutional education applications. Attendance, students’ performance reports, homework, and other educational activities take place inside the app

Education apps for graduates:

Graduates are the users of this type of education app. The study material for exams, important announcements, and attendance is available in the application. The nature of the study material differs from PPTs, audio, video, and documents. The storage for these apps will be high compared to the education app for kids and institutional education app.

Education app for online courses:

Online courses are increasing drastically; therefore, it has become the primary source of knowledge for many that cannot afford to go to colleges. This educational app has a wide variety of courses, from cooking to rocket science. The wide range of course availability attracts lots of users into the application and generates more revenue for the app owners.

General education apps:

General education apps cover education for a niche market like music, a new language, medical, and other miscellaneous education-focused industries. The demand for this app is high, considering the humongous users found worldwide.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Education:

Education Mobile Application development is the star that is shining brightly in a COVID-19 like dark situation. From kids from school to adults that want to sharpen their tech and soft skills, education application is a life-saver. When the chances for education were zero, the education app helped them continue without any hassles.

benefits of education app

Increase kids productivity:

Education application changes the ambiance of education for kids. It creates an engaging learning atmosphere that facilitates kids to perform more than the time they were in the traditional classroom experience.

Manage time effectively:

Education apps develop time management in kids at an early age. It enables kids to spend their leisure time in productive learning like Sudoku, number games, and puzzles. These activities not only sharpens the brain of the kids but also enhances the time utilization and management at an early age.

Tech-savvy kids:

If you are not familiar with how to join a zoom meeting, ask your kids. Trust me; they are more tech-savvy than us. While technology is transforming the world, kids must understand and learn the technology so it will be helpful in the future if they take an interest in technology.

Entertainment + learning:

Education apps give space for kids to get entertained and learn simultaneously. Modern-day education techniques involve entertainment-based learning. This method allows education to swoop in quickly.

No group learning – encourage individual focus:

The main drawback of traditional education was group learning and lack of individual focus. Education applications are designed in a way to focus on personalized learning and focus. This methodology provides extra care and concentration on kids and assists them in learning, however, and whenever they want.

Interactive learning:

Although traditional learning proved to be the best way for interactive learning, education applications are trying to match it to make sure the kids don’t lose out on interactive learning. Innovative features are integrated into education apps in the form of Q & A and educational games to make the kids interact with the app and keep them active in front of the screen.

Introduce mLearning:

Modern problems need modern solutions. mLearning was not popular until COVID-19 struck the world. Every educational institution has adapted to mLearning and is implementing it drastically to encourage kids to learn from their respective homes. Video lessons and tutorials are the base for mLearning applications. Introducing mLearning to kids will enhance the engagement rate and also make the kids interact with the learning process.

Enhance communication:

Communication is mandatory in education. Starting from clearing doubts to assigning homework, communication is essential. Education applications make communication between the students and the teachers easier and hassle-free. Education apps help the instructors to stay connected to the kids also when the kids are not available in front of the screens.

On-demand courses:

On-demand courses are increasing in 2020, and it is available only in the education apps. eLearning apps facilitate learners to choose courses of their choice and learn it as they wish. Traditional education forces learners to follow a pre-planned structure created by the education institution. However, education apps break this and allow any learner to take up any course and excel in it.


The best part of the education app is the availability of resources. Traditional education is restricted to 8 hours per day. However, in modern-day eLearning apps, resources in the form of study materials, videos, and eBooks are available 24/7 for the learns to use. The primary reason for the success of the education apps is the availability of study resources, which makes users learn from anywhere and anytime without any restriction.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an Educational App:

When it comes to the cost of education app development, most of the business owners show up with a hopeless face. The primary reason is that the education app has a variety of innovative features, and it is expensive to start the development.
cost for education app development
However, with Soft Suave –the leading education app development company in India, cost-effective and affordable eLearning app development is possible. Although your requirements determine the price of the development, the cost of education app development with Soft Suave will not cross more than $30000.


While the world is stuck with COVID-19, and the economies are facing a downfall, education is the only industry that has been continuing without any interruption. Education is the primary need for anybody in this world. It is just the right time for developers to take the right step in developing an education app for the continuation of education and to be successful in the market.
Looking at the benefits mentioned above, you would have got an idea of how vital education app development is for your business and the community. Join hands with the best eLearning app development company in India and transform your dreams into reality.