Angular – How to solve the Full-calendar module loading issue

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Problem Statement:-

Angular – How to solve the Full-calendar module loading issue

The full-calendar module is a calendar date picker module used in web applications. I used Angular material to install full-calendar NPM. However, I faced a loading issue and was not able to compile the Angular application.

Description of the Issue:-

I was working on a leading task management app in the USA that offered top-quality task management solutions at a competitive price. I was trying to integrate a full-calendar module into the application and ended up with this unforeseen error that shut down the Angular application.
Angular - Calendar Issues

The Solution Offered:-

I worked on the module to find out the error. However, I was not able to figure out the exact reason. So, I researched and found that the version difference in TypeScript was the leading cause behind the full-calendar module loading issue.
The TypeScript was in version 3.1.1, and I updated to 3.2.4+, after which it worked well, and there were no issues in loading the full-calendar module.
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