The Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India

Let’s start this blog off with a pretty simple question- Why do we need Mobile Apps? We can’t delve into why we should be outsourcing mobile app development , or the benefits of hiring Indian app developers, without first discussing this question. Mobile apps are simple. They are intuitive, user-friendly, and a lot of them …

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Outsourcing Mobile app development

Let’s start this blog off with a pretty simple question- Why do we need Mobile Apps? We can’t delve into why we should be outsourcing mobile app development , or the benefits of hiring Indian app developers, without first discussing this question.

Mobile apps are simple. They are intuitive, user-friendly, and a lot of them are positively addictive. Companies have noticed how helpful these apps have become, from reaching a wide audience, brand awareness, and improving engagement, to eventually driving sales.

Businesses have thus turned toward mobile apps for scaling up their operations, and to bring them prospective customers. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do not have a team that would be able to ideate, implement & develop, test, and launch the mobile apps. They also lack the time and budget to hire in-house teams to work around such a project.

Statista, a ‘global data and business intelligence platform’ in one of its reports, established that the revenue of the global IT services market is expected to hit an approximate figure of US$1,771 billion in 2028. A whopping US$412 billion in 2022 was contributed by IT outsourcing, which also comprises approx 37% of revenues worldwide. 

I guess you can all see where I am going with that statistic, and you are right. The answer to businesses needing a mobile app, but being unable to hire in-house teams, is by outsourcing mobile development to India.

But all this begs the question, why choose India for your mobile app development needs? Why not any other country? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

To put it simply- hiring mobile app developers in India is convenient, inexpensive, and provides a guarantee of app quality. Why? Because of the following reasons of course!

1. Cost Effectiveness:

As discussed previously, in-house teams inflate development costs by factoring in expenses of recruiting, software architecture consulting, and any other training-related costs. Indian mobile app developers provide quality apps and cost-effective app development, making it a strong contender among developers from various countries. Lower costs of living and numerous outsourcing options in India have made way for significant cost savings in software development. 

2. Dependable (timely delivery) & Quality App Development

Indian app development companies have built their reputations around providing dedicated app development services and timely project delivery. Quality assurance in Indian app development is something they are particularly concerned with. Top mobile app development companies commit to excellence and adhere to industry best practices and global standards. 

3. Highly Skilled Developers

A report by the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) cites that India will overtake the USA as the world’s largest developer population center by 2024. Its large talent pool of developers has a strong sense of accountability and ownership and builds both native (iOS & Android) and cross-platform apps faster and more efficiently. It is pretty crucial that your mobile app is usable and performs well across countries, so the impact of skilled Indian developers on global markets is established.

4. Utilizing Latest Tech & Tools

India’s emphasis on continuous learning and improvement allows developers to be informed and well-equipped with the best mobile app development technologies and tools. The demands of the world are ever-growing, thus it is essential that developers need their wits about them. Indian developers have access to and are well-versed in technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and big data, to name a few.   

5. Flexible Engagement, Communication & Time Zones:

One might think otherwise, but there are a lot of advantages of time zone differences in outsourcing to India. And with the added advantage of the fact that India has one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world, managing work becomes simpler and more efficient. App development companies in India utilize various communication strategies for offshore development and outsource their developers and teams to work alongside the client’s work schedules. Thus projects get completed at a much faster pace. And you can choose between the various engagement models that are offered by Indian app development companies. 

6. IT-Friendly Policies

India has a flourishing IT sector, with a skilled workforce and government policies. This makes it an appealing option for foreign companies looking to outsource mobile app development. There are various benefits like data security, control over cybercrime, and continuous project support which is backed by government policies. Despite the privacy concerns, India provides a safe and dependable environment for app development. 

7. Numerous Outsourcing Options

Indian companies have understood the importance of IT outsourcing, and are deciding to somehow bridge the demand gap. And since a lot of businesses have sprung up on that action, foreign companies have a lot of options to choose their team/ developer from. The Agile development in offshore settings further makes sure of the adaptability and smooth project implementation. 

8. Domain Expertise

By hiring Indian mobile app developers, you can get guaranteed insights into the domain they are working in, as app development and IT outsourcing companies work across diverse verticals, procuring the know-how of the industry. So when they craft industry-specific products, it will be easier with the knowledge of challenges and requirements the industry poses.

Medium, an online publishing platform, notes that US developers earn three times more than their Indian counterparts. But be assured that Indian developers aren’t underpaid and overworked, there is just a high disparity in the cost of living between the two nations.

Challenges Of Outsourcing From India

Outsourcing from anywhere in the world is not without its challenges. When you are trying to procure top talents for your project, make sure that thorough evaluations are conducted and important documents are signed. The following are some of the challenges you might face when outsourcing mobile app development:

  • Varying Time Zones: This can be overcome by Indian developers working alongside their clients, allowing for discussions and doubt-clearing. 
  • Data Security: Transferring sensitive information and files can make you feel anxious. But it can be overcome by stringent security measures, and by protecting intellectual property rights. 
  • Support & Maintenance Guarantee: What can you do if the outsourcing company you relied on suddenly closes business? So partner with established companies compared to new businesses. 

Choosing a mobile app development company in India

When choosing to outsource mobile app development to India, you should carefully assess the company’s credibility and legitimacy before making a decision. A few choice advice for choosing the right company:

  • Review the company portfolio, and check if they have any similar projects to the one you are looking to build
  • Try getting in touch with their clients and hear their testimonials on the working process, and how their experience was 
  • Check to see if the developers of the company are equipped with the latest technology and the know-how to handle the technology
  • See if the developer’s communication skills are good, and that they are eager to work with you on your project

These are some important things you should assess and consider before choosing the right mobile app development company for your specific project requirements.


Outsourcing mobile app development is not just helpful, but it’s highly beneficial for your business. It can be briefly defined in a few words: Cost-efficient, skilled developer pool, safe and quality development. Keep in mind the challenges in outsourcing before you choose to hire developers in India from reputed companies.

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