Exploring Multifaceted Growth of Web App Development 2021

​Today, the tools for developing web apps have improved a lot. Learn more on the growth of web app development & foresight on web apps in 2021.


The year 2020 was harsh on the lives of people all around the world. During the lockdown, buying basic groceries was a distant dream for all people. Luckily, many business firms served customers through their web apps. 
A web app is application software that runs on a web server, while you can access it through web browsers. People use web apps so much, even without realizing it. For instance, sending mail through G-mail, editing word files online, accessing social media apps are some of the web apps that we commonly use. 
Developing web apps have become a lot easier these days. With a few clicks of buttons, you can avail of web app development services from leading companies. They will develop the app as per your requirements at a nominal cost. Also, they have a lot of expertise with all new web app development frameworks that facilitate innovative app development.

Top Reasons for Developing Web Apps for Business:

There are many reasons for developing web apps for business. However, these top three reasons are inevitable in developing business web apps.

Brand Awareness:

brand-awarenessAs there are lots of competition, creating a brand identity is very difficult. Moreover, the business firm could extend its business within a limited circle. And, web apps can help in extending this service by facilitating the customers to reach the business firm. This creates brand awareness.

Customer Support:

web-app-customer-supportCustomer retention is a factor that defines the success of the business. This explains the need for providing customer support. Web apps will ease out this process by providing an interface where the customer can reach out to the business firm easily.

Ease in managing the business:

The web app collects all the transactions of the business and stores it in databases. So, managing a business is easier using web apps. Moreover, accessing the information will be a lot easier in web apps compared to traditional register books.

New Technologies in Web App Development:

These are a few innovations that are expected to be integrated into web app development in 2021.

Motion UI:

web-application-development-serviceMotion UI is also known as Interaction design is a recent trend in web apps. It provides micro-interactions and animations to enhance the web app. Firstly, it helps in gaining the viewer’s attention. Secondly, it will persuade the viewers in buying the products.

AR and VR:

Augmented Reality (AR) is an upcoming feature in web apps. AR provides an interactive experience by enhancing the real-world objects with computer-generated perceptual information. In other words, AR simulates real-world objects and provides optimized visuals. 
While Virtual Reality (VR) feature uses VR goggles to display simulations. This feature improves the user experience. So, people will prefer to use this app more often.

Voice Search Optimization:

voice-searchThere are many voice search apps available in the app market. By integrating web apps with voice search, people can easily use web apps. Moreover, they will increase the user’s interaction with the app.

Reduced Latency and Increased Speed:

Web apps usually have a loading time of 2 to 5 seconds. The time is likely to increase depending on the network speed and features of the app. Developers are focusing on improving the speed of the app by reducing the latency. This will prevent the deviation of the user’s attention.

Expectations for 2021:

With new features and improved frameworks, web app development for the year 2021 is very promising. Nowadays, web app trends are changing towards providing SPAs that will represent the business as a whole. In other words, the web app trend is moving towards developing apps like E-commerce app, construction apps, taxi booking apps, etc.

The Best Web App Development Frameworks for 2021:

Adding these new features is only possible using new frameworks like Angular JS, React JS, Python, Ruby, etc.


Angular JS:

angularjs-frameworkAngular JS is an excellent tool for developing the front end of the web app. It uses JavaScript language for writing codes. There are many reasons to choose Angular JS development while developing SPAs tops the list. 
SPA refers to Single Page Applications. These apps will have a single window for displaying its content. For instance, Amazon, Netflix, Gmail are a few examples of SPAs. 
People will prefer to use the SPA as it displays all the data within the same windows. This avoids any hassles that the user face while searching for information on other web apps. 
Angular JS can be used along with jQuery to develop many versatile features in the front -end of the app. jQuery is a JavaScript library that facilitates the use of many features.


node-js-frameworkNode.js is a run-time environment for JavaScript codes. It allows the usage of JavaScript codes in the back-end development. Also, Node.js enhances SPAs. By using both Angular JS and Node.js, the web app can be developed as a full-stack JavaScript app. Node.js also provides two-ways parallel transfer of data. So Node.js provides the development of chatting and video calling apps.


pythonPython is an interpreted programming language. In other words, python codes are dynamically checked by the interpreter when they are typed. Django framework uses python codes for developing web apps. Python library supports HTML, XML, JSON. It also contains easy to use socket interfaces.
Python allows asynchronous coding pattern that helps to solve any problem while coding. So each code can be set as an individual stack which will facilitate solving the coding bugs.

Ruby on Rails:

ruby-on-railsRoR is a web app development framework that uses ruby language. It provides cost-effective app development. The apps are built on MVC architecture. Ruby provides secure web apps with improved performance.

In a nutshell:

Many business firms had a huge downfall during this pandemic. One of the main reasons is their inability to expand the business through the internet. Today, with the rise in technology, it is possible for your business to have a multi-facet app.
Companies like Soft Suave are well versed with the frameworks mentioned above. They can develop the app as per your requirements. Their expertise will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.
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