Angular – How to Add Swiper JS Slider with Thumb Gallery

Read more and find how our Angular developers added Swiper JS slider with thumb gallery on an eCommerce site.

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Problem Statement:-

Angular – How to add Swiper JS Slider with Thumb Gallery?

Sliders are the most crucial tool in today’s tech world. It allows slideshows to run automatically without user input by moving slides on a predefined time interval. The increase in photos and galleries are the primary reasons for sliders to prevail on websites. Sliders respond to user’s interaction like click and swipe. Besides, sliders have thumbnails for users to click and view a particular slide in the slider. Most of the owners use eye-catching and interactive sliders in their websites to place important content.

Description of the Issue:-

I was working on an eCommerce web application that offered online shopping for fashionable clothes. The client wanted a slider that slides the images in the gallery for users to view different photos while shopping. However, when I created the slider, the movement of the slider was abnormal as the images in the gallery and thumb images moved simultaneously.

The Solution Offered:-

I researched for the right solution and found a couple of steps to follow and make the slider work properly.

  • First, I used CSS to make the thumb images static.
  • Then, I set positions for the gallery to show images in order.

Following these two steps enabled the slider to work without any issues.

Technologies or frameworks or tools – Angular, Typescript, Javascript
Angular is an open-source web application framework maintained by Google and supported by a community of individuals and corporations. It is commonly used in building single-page applications and dynamic apps with the help of HTML and TypeScript. Angular solves almost all the challenges when creating a web app by combining dependency injection, declarative templates, end-to-end tooling, and integrated best practices. The MVC architecture implementation and enhanced design architecture of Angular make web applications easier and smooth for web app developers.

Platforms (Web, Mobile, Etc.) – Web
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